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Which is the cheapest country to visit on Christmas?

Christmas is a time for celebration, and it is celebrated in many ways around the world. The holiday season starts as early as October and continues to mid-January. Christmas celebrations take place in many countries, with each country celebrating it differently.

Christmas traditions vary from country to country. For instance, in Sweden and Finland, Christmas Eve is the most important day of the year and families gather together for a festive dinner. In France, Christmas Eve is seen as a day of rest before starting preparations for Christmas Day on December 25th. In Italy, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 26th instead of December 25th because they celebrate their New Year’s on January 1st instead of December 31st like we do in North America.

On the other hand, In Britain and Ireland people often have a large meal on Christmas Day followed by an afternoon tea with friends or family members later that evening.

List of countries to visit on Christmas

Spending Christmas is mostly a special memory for all the people around the world, Most of them think that the whole year will go the same way as they are gonna spend it on the Christmas night. However there are choices you can make while traveling.

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In order to find the cheapest country to visit on Christmas, one should take into account the cost of living in each country. The cost of living varies from country to country and it is usually higher in Western Europe than Eastern Europe:

  • The cheapest country to visit on Christmas is Iceland. If you want to go somewhere that has a lot of snow, then this is the place for you!
  • The second cheapest country to visit on Christmas is Romania. Romania is also a great place for those who like snow and winter activities such as skiing and ice skating.
  • If you are looking for a cheap destination, then Latvia is your best option. It has the lowest cost of living in all of Europe.

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However, It’s crucial to do a lot of researches before going to your dream location. You must learn the area and the surroundings of the place, as there should be popular locations to visit and attractive spots for the tourists. Check out more information by surfing the web and looking for news.


Iceland on Christmas is a documentary that shows the country’s traditions and how it celebrates the holiday.

The documentary is not just about Christmas, but also about Iceland in general. It talks about how Icelanders have celebrated Christmas for centuries and how they have changed over time to fit with modern times. There are many different traditions that are shown in this documentary such as the decoration of houses, food and drinks, gifts, and a visit from Santa Claus.

This documentary is very interesting because it shows both old traditions as well as new ones which has been introduced by the people of Iceland.

The Icelanders start their celebration on December 12th with the Yule Lads (Jólasveinarnir), who are a group of 13 trolls that come and bring presents to children. They were originally thought to be evil spirits, but they turned out to be friendly and harmless.


The Christmas season is a time for giving and sharing. It is also a time for festive celebrations and traditions. In Romania, Christmas Eve is an important religious holiday celebrated by Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians alike.

Romanians celebrate the night before Christmas with a special meal called “Masa de Craciun” or “Christmas Eve dinner”. The traditional meal includes 12 dishes, one for each of Jesus’ disciples. These dishes are usually meatless, with fish being the most popular dish served on this night. After eating their fill of food, the family will go to church to attend midnight mass before returning home to feast some more on foods such as “cozonac” or “sarmale” which are sweet breads filled with minced meat and rice or cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat, rice, onions and spices that are steamed in tomato sauce.

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Latvia’s Christmas is very much like the Christmas in the United States. The Latvian people celebrate with a lot of food, decorations, and giving gifts.

Latvia’s Christmas is very much like the Christmas in the United States. The Latvian people celebrate with a lot of food, decorations, and giving gifts. However, there are some differences in their traditions that make it unique to Latvia. For instance, Latvians often use a tree as a decoration for their homes instead of using an evergreen bush or pine tree like most Americans do during this time of year. And for some Latvians it is traditional to give “Christmas cards” which are actually called “greeting cards.”

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