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White-Label UberEats Clone: An Ultimate Gateway for Future

After the launch of various applications, food delivery orders are rapidly growing popular and expanding day by day. Many foodies, of course, are eager to order food online and share it with their friends and family.

White label UberEats Clone app development has become popular due to this quick expansion. Do you think it’s true or not? UberEats and other white label meal delivery apps are expanding their global reach. As a result, they will serve as the entry point for future meal delivery services.

Do you have any other questions? After reading this blog, you should have a good notion of how they play gateway.

What makes a white-label app so popular?

When you have a white label UberEats clone app, launching a meal delivery service is as straightforward as you believe in today’s market. This is because there is no need to start from zero when developing an app. It also assists you in overcoming the problems and difficulties associated with older approaches.

Food delivery services will undergo significant changes in the future, both in workflow and the partners engaged. As a result, this is the ideal time to create an alternative app. The wise choice is to use white-label solutions.

White label apps are popular among entrepreneurs because of this. If you want to establish a food delivery service, the ubereats clone app is the ideal way to get the results you want.

Choose the correct white-label app to satisfy future needs with the best features before picking up random white-label applications like UberEats. Now let’s go to the blog.

Features of a White-Label UberEats Clone that Provides Access

The UberEats clone app’s features are as follows:

There are four types of users in the UberEats ecosystem:

Delivery Agents for Vendor Restaurants and Food Joints


The UberEats clone provides different features to different consumers based on their preferences.

Admin Control Panel:

Database Management

The administrator can manage a variety of data, including new clients and restaurants, the number of delivery agents, and other details.

Order Management

Admins can manage their clients and examine the date and time of orders, as well as the total amount of orders in a month or day.

Admins can also manage or add new offers and discounts accessible at specific restaurants or for certain special events. They can also generate promo coupons for clients to use during the checkout process.

Feedback & Reviews

Admin may keep track of what their partner restaurants are getting in terms of feedback, as well as what customers are saying about the delivery agents. This is an important element in terms of increasing trust and openness.

Revenue Report

The centralized dashboard panel of the UberEats clone software may provide a revenue report for your orders. The report provides detailed information about each restaurant’s transactions, commissions received, and delivery agency payouts.

Vendors and Restaurants

The UberEats Clone script will build a great look with the same features as the original program, similar to how UberEats provides a distinct interface for its providers.

Order Dashboard

A single dashboard allows restaurant suppliers to examine order requests, dispatched, cancelled, and pick-up orders. Vendors can use this dashboard to approve or reject orders based on their availability.

Restaurants can use the analytics function to track their success with the meal delivery marketplace. They can provide sales records that include taxes and the commission taken by the marketplace.

Manage Menus

Restaurants can update their menus with new offers, specials, pricing lists, and special announcements by adding or modifying items.


Agents in Charge of Delivery

App management should be simple for delivery agents. UberEats has an advantage over its competitors in this area. It has the following features:

Profile creation

Delivery agents can quickly build a profile and sign up by filling in information such as their name, verification documents, and contact information.

When a new order is assigned to a driver, they will receive real-time messages and alerts.

Optimization of the Route

The program determines the quickest and shortest route for the delivery workers to take in order to deliver the order as soon as feasible.

Tracking Report for the Commission

Agents can see their total revenue, as well as track their daily orders and commissions.

Delivery is available. To get the next order, agents can update or publish their availability at any time.

Customers’ needs

When looking for savory and delectable cuisine, customers require a simple interface and an uninterrupted experience.

Some elements in an UberEats-like app that make a customer’s journey a breeze:

Login Immediately

Customers can log in easily using their social media accounts or their Gmail accounts.

Timetable for placing orders

Customers can plan their orders and pick-up times around their schedules.

Notifications by Push

Customers can also receive real-time updates and alerts about order status and tracking.

Payment Options That Are Safe

To make the journey as fluid as possible, the checkout process should be as simple as possible. Secure payment methods, such as those offered by UberEats, are integrated with multiple payment gateways, as well as debit and credit card alternatives.

UberEats Clone App/Script Advanced Features:

Here is a summary of the top advanced features of the UberEats clone that allow restaurants and admins to track orders and improve service quality.

Addresses to Manage:

This feature allows users to create and manage multiple addresses in their profile, as well as alter existing ones.

Option for filtering:

Users can use this tool to organize their favourite foods by selecting and triggering filters and sorting them once before placing orders.

Various payment integrations:

This feature in this app allows users to discover various payment methods for their transactions. They can use this function to pay for integrated payments using credit or debit cards, as well as an online wallet.

Estimated Cost:

Using this feature, the app will calculate the final amount that customers should pay by taking into account a variety of parameters such as the first order offer, Restaurant Vendor fee, distance travelled, weekend offer, and more.

Taking notes:

This feature allows consumers to provide personalized notes or directions for restaurants to follow when placing food orders. It helps restaurant operators provide hassle-free cuisine to their consumers, and it also allows users to receive their favourite foods.

Favourite dining establishment:

Users can mark their favourite restaurants or hotels with this feature in the UberEats clone. Instead of looking at a long list, customers can go straight to their preferred hotels or restaurants that are included in their favourites. Customers can use this tool to quickly access their favourite eateries and place orders.

Charges for Delivery Calculated:

The restaurant uses this functionality to calculate and manage delivery charges, taxes, and GST using the specified formula. The dashboard can be used to customize all of these parameters.

Organizing an Event:

This service is designed for people looking for large group reservations for parties, events, get-togethers, major meetings, wedding receptions, and other events. Your users can place bulk orders with just a few clicks with this functionality.

Offer Bundles:

Customers can learn about the latest offers provided by the restaurants and the admin by using this function. People always prefer to offer to buy products or anything else. Thus this option almost always enhances your business.

List of Products:

Customers can obtain a sense of the food available at the restaurant by using this product list function. According to food availability, restaurant owners and administrators can add or remove products from the access panel.

Final Thoughts:

You may easily choose the ideal white-label UberEats Clone for your futuristic food delivery business needs by examining these important aspects. You may also see How To Make An App For Food Delivery right here.

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