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7 iPad and Mac-compatible whiteboard online solutions

Here, You will be able to know more about whiteboard online collaboration. The new normal is that more individuals are collaborating and working remotely utilizing platforms like Trello, Slack, Notion, WebEx, and Zoom. Then, what other technologies can your teams utilize to collaborate remotely on complex ideas?

However, these whiteboard online apps may be able to assist you as well

While many of these ideas are geared toward educators, they should be applicable to anyone who wants to explain anything or collaborate with others in groups.

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All of the following are compatible with iPads (most are also compatible with iPhones), some have a native Mac client, and many are also compatible with other devices.

It’s critical to emphasize that Mac users who own an M1 Mac (such as the fantastic Mac mini) should contact software developers to request compatibility for their machines. At times, an iPad app is also available on the Mac App Store.

Apple Silicon Macs store. I’ve highlighted these locations. Apple Pencil support is expected in the majority of these. However, you should check the developer’s websites to ensure you receive the necessary tools.


InVision is a robust and feature-rich application for brainstorming and designing digital products. It has a slew of additional capabilities, such as the ability to display and mirror files on any device, as well as the capacity to collaborate.

Text, shapes, and more can be added to Photoshop and Sketch files. These actions are available to all users. When individuals wish to convey a point, they can speak in a particular manner. The tool integrates with popular applications such as Slack, Photoshop, Sketch, and Teams. It’s free for the first three users, but subsequently costs $7.95 per user every month. There are business plans.

Miro whiteboard online

Miro includes a variety of strong sketching tools, a large number of templates, and numerous methods to link to other apps via the Miro Marketplace. It’s just as good for brainstorming as it should be for whiteboarding, brainstorming, and presenting on an unlimited canvas. For a monthly fee of $10, you can invite collaborators by email or Slack and communicate with them directly within the app.

Miro has over ten million users and is utilized by some of the top corporations in the world. Prices begin at zero dollars per month and increase to sixteen dollars per person per month.

Dojoit online whiteboard

You must begin by creating a new board from the dashboard. Following that, you can add another member to your board. They will be able to join immediately. Any collaborator can be assigned either the role of a contributor or that of a watcher, or they can do both. You can view everyone’s pointers in real-time and even turn them off if you don’t want to see them.

Additionally, you may send the board’s unique URL to anyone else, and they can request access to the illustrations as well.

How straightforward Dojoit

Dojoit is a really simple application to use. You will be given simple mind maps and fan art related to various topics.

Text addition is a simple process. Simply drag the mouse pointer to any location on the board and start typing. You can begin drawing by selecting some shapes from the tool panel and clicking on them. The auto shape enables you to select any shape and quickly draw it.

The first thing you should do is select the pen tool. Then, simply begin drawing, and the auto shaper will create flawless lines and forms with a natural hand-drawn appearance. You will not need to switch tools when using auto shape. Without a hitch, you can type and draw simultaneously.

You may rapidly add images to the board, and they will appear immediately. You can either drag & drop or paste an image, PDF, or PPT file into the editor. Once the image is in place, you can resize and reposition it as needed.

What if you wish to duplicate anything on the board? That has been made far too simple by Dojoit.com. Utilize the arrows adjacent to an object to cause it to duplicate itself in a specific direction. You can click on one or more objects to choose them.

IPEVO Annotator whiteboard online

IPEVO Annotator is an outstanding application for creating interactive whiteboards. It has tools for drawing, writing, shape, and stamping, as well as useful editing tools and the capacity for two individuals to work concurrently. Additionally, it enables two people to work concurrently. It excels at document presentation and real-time editing. There is no method to test it, which is inconvenient for mouse users.

This is an excellent approach to generate ideas and collaborate on documentation. Additionally, it is free.

Explain everything

The Web app is compatible with iPad/iOS devices, Android devices, Chromebooks, and Chromebooks.

Explain Everything is a robust whiteboarding application that works both offline and online. Apple reports to use it; therefore, why is it incompatible with M1 Macs? Individuals can collaborate in real-time or asynchronously on nearly any device. Additionally, they have the ability to record sessions and share them with others.

For up to three projects, the tool is completely free. Paid options are available for as little as $6.99 a month for the first month.


If you own an Apple device, Inko is a collaborative whiteboard that enables collaborative work on projects. It’s simple to use but packed with essential features, making it one of the greatest brainstorming and creative project tools available. For a charge, you can collaborate over the Internet ($3.99/month) or over a local area network ($1.99/month), and your encrypted collaboration sessions can accommodate up to eight people. You may accommodate up to eight guests.

Drawings are clear and quick to create due to the use of Metal. Additionally, there is a virtual pointer tool that can assist you in highlighting items.


GoodNotes is more than a whiteboard application. It’s a robust note-taking application that enables the sharing of notes and documents. Additionally, it supports handwriting recognition, which means that creating notes with your Apple Pencil will find in the same way as other notes. If you use GoodNotes, you can annotate PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, as well as use a nested file structure.

ShowMe interactive whiteboard

You can create, record, and share whiteboard tutorials with ShowMe. It’s easy to use and completely free, and it enables you to create records, and share tutorials. While it lacks the functionality of the other applications in this collection, it does have a simple, low-cost whiteboard that can be utilized during a Zoom conference or FaceTime call. Additionally, there are numerous in-app purchases that are prohibitively expensive for what they provide, such as ShowMe Premium ($79.99), which enables you to upload additional content and discuss objects with closed study groups.

Kindly let me know how these alternatives work for you, and if you believe I’ve overlooked an excellent solution that works on both iPads and Macs, please let me know.

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