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Who Should Hire, MEAN Stack or Full Stack Developer?

The app development industry is the most competitive and lucrative of the decade. App development is the first and foremost priority for business owners who want to start a new business or expand an existing one.

MEAN stack and Full-stack developers make app development easier and more straightforward. However, due to the increased demand for app development, finding a developer who is an expert in MEAN technology and Full-stack is becoming more difficult and expensive.

Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is one who is expertise in almost all technologies that facilitate in front-end and back-end development of an app or website. They can work on databases, build interactive interfaces and build APIs for the server effortlessly.

Full Stack Developer

Moreover, a full-stack developer will be proficient in more back-end languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also concentrate on visual design, project design, and UI/UX of the application/website.

Responsibilities Of Full Stack Developer

  • The front-end website architecture is the responsibility of the full-stack developer.
  • Creating engaging and persuasive UI/UX for websites
  • Creating functional and dependable databases and servers
  • Ensure cross-platform compatibility
  • Taking care of app responsiveness
  • Collaboration with graphic designers
  • In charge of the entire development process
  • API Development
  • Balancing technical and client requirements

Responsibilities Of Full Stack Developer

Benefits Of Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer can provide numerous advantages to a company. They are unquestionably all-rounders. They can easily complete the web app development on their own. However, the following are some of the advantages that a full stack developer can provide to a company:

  • Complete knowledge of both the front-end and back-end allows business owners to hand over projects with confidence.
  • Full-stack developers not only know how to code but also how to design the user interfaces.
  • If you want to build an MVP, full-stack developers are the most cost-effective option. Because they will be equally adept at app development and design.
  • If you hire full-stack developers, you will have no trouble with maintenance and updates because they will be up to date on all tools and technologies.

MEAN Stack Developer:

A MEAN stack developer is one who is expertise in specific technologies like MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. Furthermore, they are JS-based application developers with exceptional JavaScript knowledge and skills.

MEAN stack developers work on both the front and back end applications. The only difference is that MEAN stack developers are restricted to a few technologies and tools. Full-stack developers, on the other hand, are extremely knowledgeable about almost all technologies and tools.

Responsibilities Of MEAN Stack Developers

MEAN stack developers have fewer responsibilities than full-stack developers. They do, however, play the most important roles in app development.

  • Deploy apps in the AWS cloud and troubleshoot hosting issues
  • As needed, create development environment tools.
  • Create and maintain complex relational and non-relational databases.
  • Identify and resolve production-related issues as soon as possible.
  • Design, develop, test, and deploy reliable products on a regular basis.
  • Management experience with NodeJS, MongoDB, AngularJS, and ExpressJS.
  • Collaborate with developers and designers to create scalable and responsive solutions.

Benefits Of MEAN Stack

  • MEAN stack developers finish app/website development faster because they only have to code the frontend and backend in JavaScript once.
  • A MEAN stack developer can easily switch from one framework to another.
  • App/website testing is simplified because MEAN stack developers can test the output on the cloud.
  • MEAN stack developers are cost-effective for start-ups and SMBs.


Choosing between a full stack developer and a MEAN stack developer is never easy. However, with all of the facts and benefits highlighted in front of you, making a decision will be easier. However, if you require any assistance or consultation for your next project, please contact Soft Suave.


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