Why BIS Certification Is Required For A Third Party Inspection Agency?

“Why a third party inspection agency needs BIS certification when they are offering services to their clients. Read this blog to know more about the topic in detail”.

Bureau of Indian Standard formulate and prescribe safe products. BIS is generally regulated by the ministry of consumer affairs, food and plastic distribution, etc. If you want to know more about BIS certification, then read the article till its end.

Nowadays every product needs an authentic mark as its quality assurance. BIS Certification is a kind of important certification that assures product quality and standards. So, this is recommended to get your products tested by the best inspection agency in India and approved by BIS.

What Is BIS Certification?

BIS or Bureau of Indian Standard refers to the national standard that promotes and regulates products and goods standards in India. BIS has right central, four regional and three branch laboratories that test products and samples during a surveillance operation. A professional BIS Certified inspection agency in India generally covers the following purposes, such as:

  • It safeguards public health.
  • Assurance of best quality.
  • Keep the consumers away from any hazardous chemicals.
  • Confidence for consumers.

Advantages of BIS Certification

There are several advantages to getting BIS Certification. Find some of them below:

Ensures Standard Quality: BIS applies a holistic approach to the quality standard for the manufacturers. In that case, the manufacturers are bound to follow certain recommendations provided by the BIS approved testing laboratory in India. Thus they continuously monitor the production and give compliances.

Provides Authenticity: Low quality products go out of the market as soon as they cannot gain customers’ credibility. Uncertified products are also unsafe and can be a serious health concern. But the BIS approved products provide incomparable performance and you can rely on them.

No Environmental Harm: Environmental Harm is one of the most important concerns that anyone should be aware of. There are several types of BIS approved products in the market. Some of them are dangerous for the environment, especially electronic items. In that case, BIS has taken several steps to implement a definitive protocol for these types of products.

Why You Should Choose BIS Approved Third Party Inspection Agency?

* The BIS approved third party inspection agency follows certain rules for inspecting manufactured goods. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of this specific product.

* They provide Authenticity for the BIS certified products for their high-quality performance.

* BIS has prohibited certain chemical uses in the products. So, the BIS approved agency only permits products that are free from those dangerous chemicals.


BIS Certification ensures that the product is safe and good to a certain standard and quality. The BIS approved testing laboratory examines every sample and makes sure that the ingredients are fulfilling the standardization criteria. As the purpose of BIS Certification takes into consideration for health also, this is mandatory to get a product that is BIS approved. Hope, this blog will help you choose the right agency for your products inspection and testing.

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