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Why Call An Exterminator For Fleas?

No one wants fleas in their home, but once your dog or cat brings them in, getting rid of them can be difficult. Fleas can infect your pet from the outdoors or from being around flea-infested animals. It is critical that the home, pet(s), and yard—if applicable—all be treated at the same time, whether you attempt to manage them yourself or hire a pest control professional.

Fleas have a lifespan of roughly 100 days. They lay roughly 500 eggs during this time. This is why a single flea may quickly multiply into hundreds. Flea infestations can be incredibly tough to treat on your own.

Do-it-yourself treatments can quickly add up in cost and time. Fleas enter your home via travelling on the backs of animals, it can be a dog or a cat. If you find a flea in your home, you should Google “flea control near me” to get rid of them professionally.

And to encourage you more to do so, here are five reasons why you should use a professional pest exterminator:

Dish Soap Solutions

Fleas are dealt with by a professional pest exterminator who has received extensive training. They will be able to correctly diagnose the infestation and completely eradicate it. DIY flea removal products might not be enough to get rid of the whole infestation. In a month, you’ll have a whole new infestation.

It’s Safer

Professional pest exterminators know which products to use to get rid of fleas properly. They will utilise safe items for you, your family, and your pets. If used incorrectly, DIY items might be harmful to your family’s health.


Professional pest exterminators will be cost-effective in rapidly and successfully eliminating your flea problem. DIY goods can quickly add up to be rather costly. They also don’t ensure that the problem will be solved completely.

Avoid Expensive Pet Treatments

Using liquid or pill flea preventive treatments on your pets is expensive. This is the first step in preventing fleas from entering your home. It is neither 100% effective nor inexpensive. You must apply monthly treatments that might cost anything from $20 to $100.

Fleas Are Everywhere

Even if you treat your entire house and all of your pets, fleas can still be found. Outside of your home, there is no cure for fleas. A skilled pest exterminator can assist you in locating the infestation, eliminating it within, and reducing insect activity outside.

We hope learning about these advantages is enough to change your mind. And if you do wish to search for a “flea exterminator near me” we have additional tips that might help you with the treatment.

We would recommend you to be prepared for the treatment before the experts arrive as doing so can help with the removal process.

Preparation for Service

Prepare to leave your home or apartment for the duration of the treatment and until the pesticide has dried completely. This will take three to five hours, or as long as your pest control specialist suggests. Bring your pets with you when you leave home (even caged animals like birds, reptiles, and hamsters) and have pets with fur treated for fleas by a veterinarian. All pets should be removed and treated for fleas by a veterinarian.

If you plan to treat the animal yourself, make sure to follow all instructions of the product you are using and only use treatments made for the species of animal on which they will be used. However, it is vital that pets and homes be treated at the same time so that neither reinfests the other. Also, to assist prevent the problem from recurring, use a flea repellent.

Other pre-service preparations include:

  • Vacuum and mop all carpeting and wood and tile floors, especially along walls and inside closets.
  • Vacuum or clean the furniture, particularly between and under the cushions.
  • All pet bedding should be washed in hot water or discarded.
  • If the yard is to be treated as well, follow the same instructions as for the house, including washing all pet bedding (or chairs or cushions pets generally use outside) in hot water and picking up all toys and items from the grass and treating areas.
  • Cover fish tanks with wet towels and switch off pumps until you can get back inside your house.
  • Pick up any toys or articles that have fallen to the floor. Picking up stuff from the floor, inside closets, and under beds is part of this.
  • All bed linens should be stripped and washed in hot water.
  • Close the vacuum cleaner bag tightly and dispose of it in a trash can outside your home. If you’re using a vacuum with a reusable bag, dump the contents into a container outside your house, seal it tightly, and throw it away. The reusable bag should be washed in hot water.
  • Any open food goods, dishes, or utensils should be covered and stored.

Fleas can be resilient but we believe with these tricks you can get rid of them easily. All you have to do is make sure to search for the right term. For example, type “flea specialist near me” for fleas and “spiders pest control near me” for spider control.

After-Service Care

Before allowing sensitive individuals, such as children or susceptible pets, back into the house after three to five hours, make sure the house is properly aired out.

  • If your stove has a pilot light, the PCO will probably turn it off during service as well. When you go home, relight it.
  • Allow at least two weeks for the treatment to take effect before cleaning the carpet or floors.
  • During service, your PCO will most likely turn off the air conditioning. Upon reoccupation, this should be turned back on.

That’s all you have to do in order to make your home pest-free.

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