Why does speaking voice matter in the business sector and how to perfect it?

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Most likely, you didn’t launch a company or an internet presence to practice public speaking. Most business owners and influential people don’t. But managing a company or building your brand calls on a wide range of abilities, not all of which you might have. You can get assistance from others for various tasks, like marketing, hiring and firing personnel, and bookkeeping.

However, you cannot hire a speaking voice but can perfect it by getting public speaking training Singapore.

The importance of voice in media richness theory

The media richness theory is one method to explain why hearing a voice conveys more meaning than reading a text (MRT).

MRT was first developed as an expansion of information processing theory by Richard L. Daft and Robert H. Lengel in 1986. MRT assesses the depth of communication mediums, including texting, calling, and gestures. According to the thesis, richer media exist than other media that cannot clarify unclear topics or diverse frames of reference.

MRT can explain why listening to a podcast rather than reading a transcript is a better method to comprehend the meaning or why you can’t tell whether a buddy is being sarcastic in their text messages. A video call is richer than written text, and an audio recording is richer than written text.

Rich media enables:

  • Manage several information cues at once
  • Encourage immediate feedback
  • Become personally acquainted
  • Make use of natural language
  • Get rid of uncertainty

Face-to-face contact is the most valuable kind of communication, claims MRT. As a result, public speaking enables you to express a lot of meaning through your words, voice, and body language. So if you want to deliver a memorable talk, focus more on your voice rather than obsessing about how your speech should be written.

First impressions and voice:

As soon as you begin speaking, people have the first opinion of you. In fact, according to a 2014 research at the University of Glasgow, someone will make judgments about your reliability, dominance, beauty, and warmth in the first 300-500 milliseconds that you talk. Someone has already judged your personality before you even say “Hello” to them!

These facts should be kept in mind by public speakers. The audience will build an opinion of you as soon as you open your lips and utter your first word. Starting with the appropriate voice is essential if you want to make a positive impression.

The power of your voice:

Your opinion counts in business. Your voice is the best spokesperson for your business as you work to spread your message to the general public, whether you desire the responsibility or not.

Consider all the meetings you will attend while you are starting a business, including those with vendors, investors, potential workers, and others. You talk to people all the time about your business. It will be difficult for you to establish the contacts you require if your voice comes across as uncertain, nervous, or uninterested.

Likewise, with internet influencers, a sales pitch to an investor may not be necessary, but you will undoubtedly need to meet with possible sponsors. As an influencer, you are the good or service you sell – so they must be improved through presentation skills training.

People must believe in you for them to believe in your brand, regardless of whether you produce films, conduct live streams, or even participate in public speaking engagements. Because of this, how you come across is crucial, and voice volume is a crucial component of your presentation.

Generate confidence:

Your self-esteem might suffer in any new endeavor. You can start to wonder why you started in the first place, if you have the skill to succeed, or if others would like you. It’s simple for doubt to seep in. These anxieties may be exacerbated by having a feeble, poor speaking voice.

You may express yourself fully and interact with your potential clients and followers more effectively by developing an engaging voice. You might feel more certain while discussing your business with others when you know that your voice is an accurate representation of your enthusiasm and dedication.

Inspire others:

An entrepreneur or influencer’s job is to influence and inspire their target market. The work is not always simple, especially without a public speaking coach.

As a startup company owner, you must persuade financiers that your offering is worthwhile, commercial landlords that you’ll be a respectable tenant, and clients that you can solve their problems. Much of this persuasion depends on the strength of your voice, even though you have facts to support your business model and visual aids like slideshows to assist spread your message. Since you are the company’s owner, customers want to hear from you. Make your voice irresistible to them.

Be more interactive:

Most individuals are unaware of the influence their voices may have. When you are beginning a business or creating a brand, you want to make a good impression. Your voice has a key influence on how others perceive you.

It helps to have a voice that conveys that you are enthusiastic, engaged, and approachable, whether you are delivering a speech in front of a crowd or talking to a possible brand sponsor one on one.

You can make sure your voice captures the attention of your potential audience and effectively conveys emotions by getting voice training. You must have the ability to be captivating enough for viewers to remain watching and return for more if you are an influencer who depends on creating videos to grow your following.

The ultimate elevator pitch:

Every successful businessperson should have a 30-second speech or elevator pitch, that sums up what their company does and the issues it addresses. For influencers attempting to develop their brands, it’s also essential to be able to summarize your company in one or two phrases.

You must be able to briefly describe who you are, what you do, and why your target audience should support you.

You may spend all the time you want crafting an elevator pitch, but if you can’t properly deliver it because your voice is too low or weak, your work has been wasted. You need a loud, clear voice that forcefully conveys your objective if you want the ideal elevator pitch.

Construct a community:

Running any business successfully requires creating a community around your brand. The foundation of each influencer’s brand is a close community. You need to be relatable if you want to build relationships with your target audience. People need to believe in your credibility and that what you say has importance. People won’t find you as engaging or reliable if your voice is hesitant, weak, or challenging to listen to. You can make yourself (and your business) appealing by honing your voice.


You may train your voice to sound better if it doesn’t sound the way you’d like it to or if you feel like it doesn’t convey your actual love for your business. There doesn’t have to be a large audience in front of you for the need to speak clearly and confidently, and voice training isn’t just for singers and public speakers. Training your voice is one of the finest investments you can make since it shows that you are passionate and purposeful about the company or brand you are establishing.

To be fully understood by others, people must hear you. To ensure that your audience completely understands what you are saying, learn how to utilize it effectively.

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