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Why is my brother printer not printing the documents?

How Do I Fix Brother Printer Not Printing Problem?

Brother MFC 240c is one of the most popular printers among all other printer models. This printer has all the necessary features and works perfectly with every computer/ smartphone.

That’s why brother MFC 240c Is being used in the commercial space. So people can print the documents without any delay. However, In some rare cases, users might experience technical issues with their printers. Due to this, their printer will not be able to print the documents. 

Why is my brother printer not printing the documents from a windows pc? 

Generally, Windows users cannot print when the printer is offline, or there is no ink in the printer. However, Sometimes, Brother printers can stop printing because of the driver, printer settings, or Hardware issues. Here are some common reasons for that. 

Brother printer not printing

  1. The printer is not connected to the pc. 
  2. The printer and Pc are not available on the same network. 
  3. You are giving the print command to the wrong printer. 
  4. The print settings are incorrect. 
  5. Firmware is outdated or not working. 

How do I fix the brother printer not printing the documents problem? 

Check the connection – 

When you cannot print the documents due to the printer offline error, you should go to the network settings on the printer. Here you need to Check the network status. 

Is your printer connected to the WIFI right now or not? 

If your printer is still not connected to the wireless network. You should connect it to a similar network through which your Computer is connected. Now check the printer status.

  1. Power on the printer
  2. Go to the Network setup
  3. Click on the WLAN setup
  4. Choose the network name
  5. Click on the ok button. 
  6. Now enter the password
  7. Press the done button. 

 If you are still getting offline errors, you must visit: Why is my brother printer offline? 

Check the USB Connection – 

If you are using the Brother USB printer, you need to disconnect the printer and then reconnect it to the Computer. Once you need to disconnect the printer from your Computer, now connect it to another slot. 

Once you Change the port, it should start working fine. 

Select the printer as the default machine – 

Sometimes, users cannot print from their printer because of the wrong property selection. Most probably, they are giving the print command to the wrong printer. That’s why your device is unable to print. So you need to go to the control panel. Here you need to select the brother printer as the default printer. 

  1. Open the control panel
  2. Click on the devices and printers
  3. Right-click on the brother printer
  4. Click on the set as default option. 

Reinstall the Printer – 

If you have checked these settings but your brother printer is still not working on your device. You should uninstall the printer from your pc. Now install a new printer driver on your Computer. After that, you should try to access the device again. 

  1. Go to the device manager
  2. Click on the print options. 
  3. Right-click on the brother printer
  4. Now click on the uninstall button. 
  5. Now you can download the brother printer and install the new device on your Computer. 

Update the Printer firmware – 

Apart from the printer driver, the brother printer is sometimes not working because of firmware issues. When the firmware is outdated, you need to update the printer firmware. 

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Click on the Firmware
  3. Click on the Firmware upgrade option. 
  4. Here, you need to click on the done button. 

Once you make these changes to the brother printer, it will start working fine. If your printer is still not working, there can be hardware issues. So you need to visit brother printer service center. 

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