Why Not Shave Cordless Dog Clippers for These 5 Reasons

Is your Cordless Dog Clippers and hot to the touch? Before grabbing the dog clippers, give it some thought. Shaving your dog could do more harm than good because its coat is precisely designed to protect them from the elements.

1. Permanent hair damage might result from shaving a dog with a double coat.

Double coats are common in dogs. Even smooth- and short-haired species like the basset hound and the whippet have two coats. Dogs with thick coats include Newfoundland and Australian shepherds.

Permanent hair damage might result from shaving a dog with a double coat

Propecia could result from shaving a dog with a double coat. Hair loss may appear spotty or generalized as a result. Propecia is frequently a congenital condition, although harmful to the hair follicles can sometimes result in hair loss.

2.Your dog’s coat protects against both heat and cold.

Your dog's coat protects against both heat and cold.

The fur on your dog serves as the equivalent of insulation in your home’s walls. A silky, downy undercoat closest to your dog’s skin helps keep your pet comfortable when the temperature rises or drops. Your dog is shielded from environmental hazards such as wind, water, sun, and debris by the outer hairs, also known as guard hairs.

3. Itching might result from shaving

The soft undercoat of your dog grows far more quickly than the outside guard hairs. Your dog’s hair will grow back unevenly after shaving, which will make your dog uncomfortable. Additionally, if they scratch to get rid of the itch, they risk damaging their hair follicles and losing their hair.

4. The Risk of Sunburn

Dogs are susceptible to sunburn much like people. Additionally, dogs with lighter hair often have lighter or pinker skin than people, which makes them more prone to sunburn. Another good reason not to shave your dog is that Fındıkzade Escort their fur shields them from the sun.

5. Dogs could feel embarrassed.

Any dog groomer understands that complimenting a dog with a fresh haircut is required, and in some circumstances, some dogs even appear to feel humiliated in front of their canine friends.  A tucked tail, flattened ears, and hiding are telltale indications that your dog is embarrassed.

If a dog has a single coat, shaving its hair might be acceptable.

Although most dogs have two coats, some do not lose as much and have single coats. Several breeds have only one coat, such as:


Shih Tzu.

The silky terrier


Brazilian water dogs

Single-coated dogs do require trimming and, on rare occasions, shaving. Their hair is always growing, and if it gets too long, it can cruelly damage itself by wrapping around other hair. To determine what is best for your dog, talk to your groomer.

How to Maintain Your Dog’s Cool

There are several things you can do to help your dog fight the heat during the summer even if shaving is not an option. Here are a few concepts:

To get rid of dead or loose hair, brush your dog daily.

Exercise while the weather is excellent Provide lots of natural shade

Water bowls must be kept cool and clean.

Give them water some ice

Freeze their preferred foods

Purchase a raised bed for greater airflow.

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