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Why You Should Book Food On Trains Online?

Food Delivery in Train

Do you know how many passengers travel through Indian railways daily? 4.2 million passengers travel by Indian railways on daily bases. That means Indian railways have most of the traffic. Because of its confort, people prefer train journey over other. The Indian railways now have Food On Trains which means now you don’t have to pack an extra bags for the cuisines. Or you also do not need to take any food or snack item with you now.

On the train, people from different cultures travel. So the Indian railways have provided different food items from top-rated restaurants. You can enjoy Punjabi food, South Indian food, Jain food, Gujarati food, Maharashtrian food, Chinese food, Spanish food, Italian food, and many more food items. All these food also have different food items. You can also order customize food for old and health-conscious people. Let’s look at more reasons to book food online on the train.

 Online Food On The Train Is Hygienic And Safe:

The food available by pantry cars and local suppliers is hazardous and limited in variety. You may have to sacrifice your taste in order to eat their meal. Furthermore, the meal is prepared in an unsanitary environment with numerous flies and small insects. You can also develop serious infections like foodborne illnesses from it.

However, you can relish safe and hygienic food with the current scheme of online food delivery in train from top-rated restaurants. The food safety agency has given these establishments FSSAI approval. This means they adhere to all of the rules for preparing fresh, healthy food. The area where the food is prepared at these restaurants is kept clean. Sanitizer is used to disinfect their food packaging containers. Restaurant staff also clean and disinfect the area where spices and other culinary products are kept. They also use the stick delivery method. They give contactless delivery as well as customizable food.

You Also Have An Advance Booking Option In Online Food:

As of now, you may order meals online and pick them up at various railway stations from top-rated eateries that adhere to strict cleanliness standards. These establishments provide food that is both safe and inexpensive. On the way, you can order a variety of foods to make your travel more memorable and delightful. The online system now includes a pre-booking feature.

Why would you want to order food ahead of time? Because how will you make an order if you are traveling through such stations where there is no signal? Pre-ordering can save you. Second, you can place pre-orders for your elderly parents who are unable to place orders. The restaurant’s online food delivery service includes a tracking system that ensures you receive your food on time at your designated delivery location. And everything is automated to ensure that each consumer receives the correct order. so now you also don’t have to worry if your parents are traveling alone.

Food On Trains Online Is Easy To Get:

With the advancement in technology. The online food delivery in train has also become advanced. The online system is updating itself day by day. Now it is easy for everyone to order food online. You can order food online with the following simple procedure:-

  • Online food from website and app:
  • Go to the official website or open the app.
  • Then fill in your basic details like PNR number or train number.
  • After that, you have to select your delivery station where you want your food to be delivered and then a restaurant.
  • Now from the menu option select the food item that you want to order. With online ordering, you can also get many discounts and offers.
  • Then pay the vendor online transaction or you can do cash on delivery also.
  • After that, the restaurant will send you the confirmation message for your order.
  • When you receive the confirmation message then you just have to relax and wait for the order.

You Can Book Different Food Without The Internet:

Sometimes you may face ordering our item with a website or app because of a Network issue due to which your internet may not work properly. Then also you have to opt for food on train,  you can then order through phone call or SMS:

Order from phone call: you have to simply call on the number. Then they will assist you. You have to provide them with your PNR number or train number. They will confirm your PNR number after that you can tell them your delivery station and food item.This is how you can order through a call.

Through SMS: you have to simply type your PNR number along with the delivery station and food item. Then they will send you a confirmation message for your order. You will receive your food at the delivery station then.

Online food delivery is the safe and best option that provides you with delicious and tasty food items like Punjabi food, noodles, jalebi, dosa, idli, Jain thali, veg thali, nonveg food, french fries, and many more food items with the above-mentioned steps. It is the easiest and fastest way to receive fresh and hot food by train.

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