The Executive MBA Program is IIM Calcutta’s one-year full-time residency program designed for executives with five or more years of professional experience. Accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, IIM Calcutta is the first management institute in the country to achieve the triple crown. H. Accredited in management education by all three major accreditation bodies in the world. Currently, only five other business schools in Asia and 73 business schools in the world have “triple accreditation”.

Reasons for choosing IIM Calcutta, executive MBA course:


What sets the Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta apart from all other management schools in India is its analytical teaching. A unique blend of theoretical knowledge and case discussions, it develops a deep understanding of the skills and their application that future managers need. Debates and interactive discussions are an integral part of IIMC education.

IIMC has played a pioneering role in introducing innovative courses. New courses are introduced and changes are made to current courses each year to keep students up to date with the latest developments in the management field. So it’s no surprise that IIMC offers a large number of electives, allowing students to choose from a variety of courses depending on their interests and career plans.

IIMC has also been at the forefront of executive development for the past 30 years and is widely recognized for the variety of bespoke programs we have introduced over the years based on our leading research and advice. The Institute has ensured that its educational programs remain relevant and able to meet the changing needs of business organizations and their managers.

Students must take 25 required courses spread over six semesters. The student must take 15 required electives spanning her three semesters (semesters IV, V, and VI). Students can choose from a wide range of electives.


One of the institute’s greatest strengths is its world-renowned faculty. Faculty members have excellent academic performance in a variety of areas of management and related fundamental disciplines and are actively involved in teaching, training, research, and consulting. They perform consulting work and communicate with real-world management issues in public and private companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and international organizations.

This dynamic learning process at IIMC enriches faculty teaching and training activities. It also helps to develop case studies and identify research directions relevant to your business and industry.

The IIMC has over 80 individuals from one or more of the following groups and centers: Organizational Behaviour, Economics, Public Policy and Management, Finance and Management, Human Resources Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategy Management, and Business. I have a teacher. Ethics and Communication, Development and Environmental Policy Center.


The 15th (15th) placement season of the IIM Calcutta Executive MBA program was successful with the following figures –

  • Number of offers made: 87
  • yearly (+19.25% YoY)
  • Highest salary: INR 1.37 crore per year (+57.25% YoY)
  • Average salary increase: 52.5%

offers (2 students dropped out and 2 on long vacation). Various cross-industry organizations made offers to students, paving the way for aspirants to change their chosen industry, role, or function successfully. Prominent names include Microsoft, CleanMax, Amazon, Flipkart, DealShare, The Math Company, Bain Capability Networks (BCN), Sutherland, Persistent, Publics Sapient, Axis Bank, ElasticRun, Merilytics, Lynk Logistics, Simplilearn, And so on. IT/consulting and e-commerce account for over 80% of his offers received. Persistent, Accenture, Ernst & Young, and Amazon topped the list of hires.

The IIM Calcutta executive MBA program had a successful 14th batch placement season with the following numbers:

  • Highest Salary: INR 873,600
  • Average Salary Increase: 46.9%

Offers come from organizations in all industries, paving the way for candidates to choose industry, role, and function, more important than securing the job itself The transition was successful. The program also attracted international offers. Persistent, Quantiphi, ElasticRun, Amazon, and Virtusa Polaris were the top adopters.

IT and e-commerce account for over 80% of his offers received.

Various recruiters have been hired for leadership roles. Prominent names include Persistent, Sutherland, Axis Bank, Lynk Logistics, NISG, Indegene, Golyan Group, Quantiphi, Optum, and Amazon.

Initial acquirers were WhatFix, Citi, Indegene, Wallaroo, and Lumia.


Admission to IIM Calcutta executive MBA  course is done in various steps involving the checking of the eligibility criteria, selection procedure, admission schedule, and fee structure.


  • Students should have completed a bachelor’s degree or any equivalent degree.
  • Students should have an experience of 5 years with post managerial skills.
  • GMAT score is considered (which is taken within the last 36 months of the application date)


Candidate evaluation is based on:

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • GMAT Score
  • Personal Interview
  • Letter of Intent and
  • Letter of Recommendation

Point to be noted that the Institute does not use pre-determined GMAT scores. A comprehensive evaluation is made for admission candidate selection based on all these factors. The Batch Profile gives an impression of the professional experience and academic highlights of the last five batches.


IIM Calcutta executive MBA program total fee is INR 31,00,000 (NON-REFUNDABLE) payable in four installments:

  • Payment of INR 2,00,000 (Contract Fee) will be made upon acceptance of the admission offer.
  • Payment of INR 10,00,000 (2nd installment) As a security deposit by invoice/payment order in favor of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta he will pay INR 60,000 for his second installment to be paid in installments This amount will be refunded upon completion of the program, after any necessary fee adjustments.
  • Payment of INR10,00,000 (3rd installment)
  • Payment of INR 9,00,000/- Until 24 November 2023 (4th installment) Economy Flight and IIMC Incidental expenses for sponsored immersion programs.

Please note that in addition to the above program fees, other costs such as electricity, food, and personal expenses are not included in these fees and must be borne by the individual student.


  • Emphasis on analytical and problem-solving pedagogies
  • Emphasis on decision-making and leadership skills
  • International Immersion Modules in the US and Europe
  • A unique blend of theory and research: 600+ hours of contact time, 40 courses (25 core courses and 15 elective courses)
  • Good mix of classroom lectures, case studies, individual and teamwork
  • Excellent student-teacher ratio. Batch 10 had 68 students, 59 teachers, and wide electives. Batch 10 offered 51 electives. (For the current batch, see his website for the MBA for Executives program for a list of elective courses confirmed as of date).
  • The program is delivered by IIMC faculty and staff, as well as guest lecturers, including those from overseas. Tissue spectrum.
  • In IIM Calcutta videos on his website for the MBA for Executives program, graduates from various batches talk about the MBA for Executives program and how it has changed the way they look at life as professionals.
  • Alumni Active Involvement. Formal and informal opportunities to connect with alumni are available to current students.
  • Beautiful campus with excellent classrooms, a library, and other facilities.

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