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Why Your Trex Deck Might be Falling Apart

There’s no question that when the original materials used in the Trex deck were developed, the company was on to something big. It was an exciting new way to make wood look more like synthetic materials like plastic, and it offered so much more than most other decking products on the market at the time. However, with any product made by man, there will always be room for improvement. And it seems that under some conditions, the coating seal placed on Trex composite decking can fail, exposing it to the elements and causing your deck to look worn out and deteriorate much faster than you would expect.

What Is The Problem?

Laying composite planks can seem easy on paper: take some pre-cut boards, place them side by side, screw them in and you’re done. However, when you lay wood decking over komposittrall that has exposed fibers or a flaking coating seal, it can make for an uneven surface. In particular, if it gets warm out during your project, those fibers in your composite decking can become brittle and break off like glass.

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What Exactly Is Coating On Trex Decks?

What Exactly Is Coating On Trex Decks?

The clear Trex Coating that is placed on all composite decking products is not actually a coating, it’s more like a varnish or finish coat. However, it does provide superior water resistance and durability as well as an appealing appearance. It also serves to fill in small cracks between planks so they appear seamless. While Trex claims that its boards are resistant to fading and staining from UV exposure, some users have complained of yellowing after just a few years of use. Whether or not your board will fade depends largely on its location; boards exposed to direct sunlight will likely show signs of discoloration sooner than those kept in shady areas.

How Long Does A Deck Last?

The amount of time that a deck lasts is based on many factors. The most important factor is location and weather conditions. Even if you have an uncoated wood deck in Florida it will last a lot longer than a deck that has seen extreme cold for years like in Minnesota or Michigan. In other words, wood decks can last 20+ years, but longevity really depends on how well your deck was built and if it has been maintained properly with only water-based stains and sealants.

The Warranty And The Controversy

The Warranty And The Controversy

Many Trex deck owners have complained of flaking, deterioration, and even in extreme cases virtual disintegration of their composite decks. It seems that under some conditions when exposed to both sunlight and rain over time, as well as constant pressure on certain sections of planks such as stairways and long walkways, these problems may develop. The deck coating seal can fail in many places under these situations and leave a regular wood surface underneath which is unable to keep up with weathering elements on its istanbul escorts own.

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Will My Company Replace My Trex Deck If I Have Problems?

We’re here to help! If your deck has begun showing signs of deterioration like flaking, chipping, or cracking and you live in a climate that sees freezing temperatures, then we can help you get your komposittrall problem repaired or replaced. Please contact us so that we can assess your claim and work with you to find a solution to your problem. You may have noticed there is no information about problems with our products on our website; that’s because it’s taken directly from our Terms of Use Agreement.

Can I Fix This Damage Or Do I Need To Replace The Whole Deck?

Can I Fix This Damage Or Do I Need To Replace The Whole Deck?

If your boards are severely cracked, you should probably replace them. You can fix minor damage with a wood filler that matches your composite. Be careful not to over-fill because it’s easy to screw up and ruin your deck if you don’t get an even layer of filler on each plank. No matter how bad things look, it’s often less expensive to repair small sections than completely replace a large deck.

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