Windows Virtual Desktop is now widely available. Do you know why?

Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD), now commonly known as Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD), are virtualized instances of physical computer systems that are hosted on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (or VDI). These virtual desktops offer employees the freedom to work flexibly and from any location of their choice. Because they are very convenient to use, Windows Virtual Desktops can be accessed at any time using any internet-connected mobile device – be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Applications on Windows Virtual Desktops are platform-independent, which means users can work on Windows-based applications on other operating systems such as macOS.

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Windows Virtual Desktops are fast growing in popularity. Let us look at some of its top features that explain its rising popularity:

  • Windows Virtual Desktops are part of a Fully Managed Service

Reputable cloud service providers such as Ace Cloud Hosting offer end-to-end management on Windows Virtual Desktops. As part of hosted virtual desktop service, businesses can benefit from secure and flexible virtual desktops with zero IT hassle. These virtual desktops are hosted in a safe cloud environment. The provider is responsible for the security and management of the desktops along with the data and applications on them. As a result, virtual desktops warrant minimal in-house IT intervention. Unlike physical desktops and their associated maintenance costs, Windows Virtual Desktops from ACE are a low-cost solution that can instantly eliminate operational bottlenecks limiting business potential.

  • Windows Virtual Desktops are scalable.

With physical desktops, it is almost impossible to induce flexible work for employees. Given the migratory nature of today’s workforce, however, a relaxed working environment is a must. Upgrading traditional desktops to incorporate state-of-the-art features can prove expensive. Moreover, these are not scalable. More employees mean more desktops, while a reduced number of employees implies wasting existing resources. With Windows Virtual Desktops, high performance is consistently guaranteed over changing business requirements, whether employees or applications. Competent cloud service providers like ACE offer clients the option to customize desktops per the required number of applications and users at any given time. Windows Virtual Desktops are also compatible with Windows-based applications and applications based on other operating systems. As a result, employees can work on any desktop application from any internet-connected device.

  • Windows Virtual Desktops offer maximum security.

Unlike physical desktops that are prone to theft and cybercrime, Windows Virtual Desktops are not. For most businesses, the security of business data and applications is paramount. With this in mind, WVD providers implement complete security solutions incorporating physical and digital safeguards within a multi-layered security infrastructure. Digital safeguards like IP restrictions, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IPS/IDS), Ransomware, and DDoS protection are standard. Besides, TLS 1.3 and 256-bit data encryption prevents data breaches at all times, irrespective of whether the data is in storage or transit.

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  • Windows Virtual Desktops are incredibly affordable.

Windows Virtual Desktops are designed to be highly affordable for businesses. Most WVD providers work on making these desktops available at a competitive price range. For instance, ACE offers them at just $30 per desktop per month. Besides, custom pricing quotes are also available that consider each business’s unique needs. Providers like ACE carefully analyze the sector and conditions of the industry to deliver the best-value WVD solutions.

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