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Writing on LinkedIn does not need you to be a Professional Article Writer

Almost 10 years back, LinkedIn announced the debut of its publishing platform, asking 150 of the world’s most important thought leaders to contribute original material. All users may now utilize LinkedIn Pulse to share their unique expertise and professional insights with the millions of people who come into contact on the platform.

It’s exhilarating, but it’s also daunting, especially for non-writers. While you may see the opportunity to develop your brand and expand your presence, you must do so properly. You don’t want folks to pull back when they see the topic you picked or the technique you employed. Specifically, LinkedIn article writing needs a little more work to be done to stand out among millions of writers.

Analyze The Fundamentals Of What You Want To Say

Before start writing on either LinkedIn or any other social networking application, it is of great significance to grab an understanding of what purpose you have decided to write for. Since LinkedIn is a profession-specific platform so there’s a great amount of content you can create concerning career, startups, jobs, etc.

Whether you want to be one of the career guides, an entrepreneur who wants to share the experiences through the journey, a talent hunter, or simply wants to promote your products and services as a business head, etc.

After figuring out the theme one can find out the right audience and that’s what runs the entire game of social media forums. Besides, even if you’re not an avid writer keep it simple to attract readers through easy writing styles and do provide a strong hook. This way the readers would continue reading till the end taking the message you are trying to convey to them via your words.

Once you pass through this stage, it will be way easy to continue writing stuff becoming a pro-writer over time.

Overcoming the initial hesitation and getting into the fields to uncover what one can do is the actual deal. Don’t feel reluctant to start writing for a professional platform like LinkedIn rather keep on doing this to hone your skills someday.

LinkedIn Target Audience

Regular LinkedIn users are familiar with the method of how this platform works. It is based on a framework that uses your contacts and followers to promote whatever you post on the feed. Besides, LinkedIn is introducing many other engaging ways to enhance user interactions with one another. According to statistics, more than 3 billion netizens sign in to the online social mediums every day and connect to share data and information.

Unlike other platforms that provide online debating forums to the users and discover what they are doing in their private lives, LinkedIn has introduced a community-based environment that helps individuals share their core perceptions, knowledge, ideas, and thoughts regarding the professional world. People also get the opportunity to reflect on multiple career-related developments and their impacts.

To find your target audience you would have to define your objectives. For example, if you are writing an article related to marketing and sales, it means only the workforce associated with this field may get interested in reading your piece of writing. The audience is the key component that runs the affairs of each social media forum.

Kick start Jotting Down

Having an idea about a particular theme is not enough to get going. Often people suggest those novice writers start writing without designing a definite outline of what to write and how to structure it. You have planned to write to help others from your experiences or get to know more about products and services,  etc.

Before turning on the laptop and beginning typing your content, brainstorm all the ideas you want to add to your document. List down the important points and organize them accordingly in a way that will make sense and convey the message to the readers the way you want.

If you are a beginner, try to use straightforward vocabulary and sentence structures to attract readers. Nonetheless, being an established writer it is good to choose an easy and quick writing style if you do not want to fail the expectations of the audience. Besides, stick to the point and evade beating about the bush. Create a perfect hook to get the readers tethered during the entire coaster ride of the words.

Opt for a title Readers can relate to

LinkedIn Influencers manage to reach such a wide following with their postings. The reason behind this is the constant hard effort. They put into coming up with the best and the most catchy blog titles. That’s because the title is what will encourage someone to click and read the post if you choose something generic and dull, they may never get to all of your brilliant ideas.

Your title should be short, to the point, and compelling enough to get readers to click. Titles tell what the whole written text is going to be about. Titles are behind every top-ranking website or any other online content. And those with the keywords are found on top of every google or bing search.

While doing businesses online, titles play a key role to generate leads and bring more traffic to your site. Try to make it as simple as you can give a clear intro to the article.

Make your content Ready to be Posted

Having done with the text and the titles, move to the final stage of reviewing the first draft. Proofreading it, and then posting it on LinkedIn. Do check grammatical and spelling errors and rectify them if found. Serving your connections with content with multiple fundamental mistakes. Will leave the worst impression on the readers that would probably quit reading in the beginning or middle.


You have been working your head off to share something useful with the audience. And will never want your effort to get wasted. Do share the URL on other websites and also with close connections to directly promote your article. Initially, it will be quite hard to gain as many eyeballs as you want. But over time as the quality improves. The audience will start recognizing your writing niche and will crave more informational blogs.

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