Your Guide to a Perfect Steak

Steak is undoubtedly one of the most loved meat dishes. Unfortunately, cooking the perfect steak is a challenge for even the most experienced chef. There are many factors to consider and to be done to the best of your ability to obtain a tender, juicy and delicious steak.

The good news is that there are a few basic reminders to keep in mind when grilling your steak that can take you a few steps closer to getting that ideal cut of meat that you’ll be proud to serve and enjoy eating. The cut. It will be impossible for you to get the perfect steak if you don’t choose the right cuts of meat. There are a plethora of options that vary widely in terms of flavor and tenderness. However, the top five options are rib, loin, sirloin, ribeye, and rump.

The rib-eye steak is one of the most popular because it is naturally very tender and marbled compared to other cuts. It also has a rich beef flavor. The tenderloin is a little more expensive but has very little fat and is ideal for people concerned about health. In contrast, sirloin steak and tenderloin steak are two of the best cheaper steaks because they tend to be a bit tough. If you are looking for a meat full of flavor, the T-bone is your best option since it has a strong beef flavor.

In addition to the cut, make sure the meat you buy is at least an inch to an inch thick, as thinner products will dry out easily.

Let it rest.

When buying steak meat, it is always recommended to buy fresh meat and not frozen. However, if you have no other choice, let the steaks come to room temperature before grilling. Take them out of the fridge as much as possible and let them thaw for 30-60 minutes. A cold steak will shrink when hit by the heat, causing it to toughen. You don’t want to make that mistake.

Season the meat.

Some people like to season their cuts of meat with salt just before cooking, but since the salt adds moisture to the surface of the steak, the result of grilling can be somewhat similar to steam where the meat is cooked but the surface remains. Brown. That’s why it’s a good idea to leave the steaks as they are and instead season them to your liking when they’re done.

However, uptown mirdif restaurants use the salt-curing method of steak, where both sides of the cut are covered in sea or kosher salt and left at room temperature for an hour. The fillets are then covered with kitchen paper until they are completely dry. For this reason, they were salted well, because the meat completely absorbs the salt, but does not leave anything on the surface.

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The secret to grilling the perfect steak is heat. You want to make sure you preheat your grill as hot as possible. The ideal temperature when you put the meat on the ground is the one that will cook the steak to the desired doneness in the shortest amount of time without burning the surface. A sure way to not screw this up is to use a kitchen thermometer.

Cooking meat is another very tricky step and can take some practice to master. Some people use a meat thermometer to test it because the general rule of thumb is that a rare steak has a temperature reading of 120 degrees F, medium 125 degrees F, and medium 130 degrees F. But this can also vary depending on the thickness of your steak. meat pieces of beef. Some other cooks choose to test doneness by gently pressing the steak between their fingers. Rare will be soft and smooth, well done, fairly firm, and medium.

Rest your steaks.

Do not serve the steaks directly from the grill, let them rest for a maximum of 10 minutes on a rack covered with aluminum foil. Resting allows the juices to re-enter the meat and gives it all of its flavor and tenderness.

Once you’re done with these steps, you can be sure you’ll be diving into that wonderfully flavorful, tender, gorgeously cooked perfect steak.

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