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5 reasons to go all-natural in skincare for sensitive skin

5 reasons to go all-natural in skincare for sensitive skin

Introduction: Are you feeling hopeless after applying a bunch of skincare products that only end up reacting to your skin? Regular skincare products loaded with harsh chemicals are not for you. Sensitive skin reacts to several products that other people are fine to use.

Choose natural and organic skincare over chemical ones to soothe and improve your irritation-prone skin. If you want to go all organic, then numerous options are available in organic skincare Singapore. In this article, we will discuss five reasons to convince you to go organic.

How to determine your skin type?

let’s have a better understanding of our skin type. Half the job is done determining your skin type, Your skin care product selection will solely depend on the type of your skin. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, then you must look for the best moisturiser for sensitive skin available on the market.

Signs to find out if you have sensitive skin or not –

  • You can see a lot of redness on your skin
  • Your skin often gets dehydrated, feels tight and uncomfortable
  • Internal factors like hormones and stress affect you easily by triggering irritation.
  • Your skin gets burned too quickly from sun exposure.
  • Skin tolerance to skincare ingredients is very low, making it difficult to find your best match.
  • Regular skincare products like face washes or moisturisers can cause tingling and itching.

All these sensitive skin concerns lead us to why choose organic skincare.

Reasons to switch to natural and organic skincare –

Eliminate harmful chemicals from your skincare –

Non-organic skin care products have loads of harmful chemicals developed under laboratory conditions. Ingredients like paraben, sulfates and formaldehyde are extremely common in products like face cleansers or moisturizers. They can have long-term effects on our health as they can be somewhat toxic. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogenic component meaning it can cause cancer. No doubt this ingredient is getting less used in products nowadays.

Rarely causes skin allergy –

These harsh chemicals are even worse for sensitive skin as they can cause allergic reactions. Organic products are formulated without any harmful chemicals making Them less Irritating for sensitive Skin. You can easily find yourself a face wash or the best moisturiser for sensitive skin. Though some may have allergies to  Natural they are easy to identify and Managed.

Sensitive skin deserves goodness of natural ingredients –

Filled with the goodness of naturally derived ingredients from organic sources they can deliver results. Plant based antioxidants and other active ingredients are equally potent and effective in skin care. Only they do not include the harmful side effects of chemical-based products. Your sensitive skin deserves all the love and care of organic skin care.

Good for skin and environment –

The process of organic farming is a sustainable one as it excludes all chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. If you choose any organic skincare in Singapore you are choosing to save the environment.

They work more than just good –

If you doubt in any way the effectiveness of organic skincare then you are wrong. They are as good as synthetic products and sometimes even better. The active ingredients found in natural ingredients are highly concentrated making them deliver the desired performance.


Your sensitive skin will thank you for introducing it to organic skincare products. The products are formulated with everything that is both skin . Your skin care will not release any toxic chemicals down the drain.

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