6 Things You Must Do to Get Your Child Ready for School

Being a parent is a never-ending job. You start to take care of your kids from day one till the last day of your life. As a parent, make every day as predictable and perfect as possible. They should follow the same schedule before and after school. It can look something like this:

  • Wake up early in the morning.
  • Wash your face.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Get dressed.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Go over the day’s schedule.
  • Leave for school.

You should have a picture schedule to help the day roll out easier. A few more things are discussed below to help you prepare your child for school perfectly.

Help them in proper uniform:

You should help your children to wear a uniform in the beginning so they do not get late for school. My kids go to Lyndhurst School and the Lyndhurst primary school uniform is so nice and welcoming to my children

Talk enthusiastically about school:

Children have very different thoughts about school. Some of them can hardly wait to start, while others find it so stressful to leave their parents for the day. You should start helping your child to start mentally ready for school by talking enthusiastically about it now. You should guide them enthusiastically so that your child’s interest starts to develop in school. As a parent, you should visit the classroom, talk to your child’s teacher, meet them and tell your child about the positive aspects of class and school.

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Help your children learn about making friends:

If your child has friends, then it’s a huge benefit for your children. Those who have already been to preschool will already be efficient in socialising, so you should encourage your child to talk with other children and fellows at play sessions, recess time or at the park and invite friends over for playdates.

Develop speaking and listening skills:

School-going children are expected to listen to what their teacher says without interrupting them and to answer when spoken to. Get your child ready for that time when the teacher and students sit together to discuss different topics by trying it out at home. Either make your own ‘circle time’ with siblings or use teddies and dolls and encourage family discussions at the dinner table or in your free time, taking turns listening and speaking preparing and training your children about going to school is important.

Read, read and read:

Improving your child’s chances of success is one of the most powerful things you can do. It is your duty to help your child in reading and learning because you know the good and bad things in your child better than others. So you should give some time to their learning. If your child hasn’t been reading over the summer, ease into a daily schedule by adding 5 minutes each day which should help your child in their reading. Remember that daily reading doesn’t and shouldn’t have to look like a serious academic task. The child can read to parents, siblings, cousins, etc. Additionally, reading to your child is also beneficial and counts. If you’re not already, this is the number one thing to implement into your family’s schedule every day of the year, and you should focus on it on a daily basis.

Create authentic writing tasks:

Never force your child to write for long periods of time, unless they choose to keep going if for. You should focus on giving your child opportunities to be creative and translate their thoughts onto paper or computer rather than overly focusing on perfect spelling and grammar. You should create purposeful and authentic writing tasks that feel fun and not punitive. Make them ready and support them with different interesting prospects, that I LOVE getting letters from old students. It is a great writing practice and an act of kindness to show appreciation and attention to your child.

Spend time together:

The first day of school, photos for social media, kissing your child on the forehead and sending them off to grow and learn for another school year. The most important thing you can do during these last few weeks before school is to spend time with each other, love them and give them appreciation in every way, have fun in each other’s company, and cherish the moments. You’re sure to create lasting memories that they can refer back to as they write stories or find themselves having a harder day. Maybe go for a walk in the park, enjoy a delicious family meal or visit an aquarium etc., but you should give them your time to listen to them, and they share their little happy moments with you.

Bedtime routine:

You should prepare them for a healthy and good bedtime routine so that your child sleeps at the time, and then the next day, they will wake up early in the morning and give their best.

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