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7 Tricks to Combat Bed Bugs at Home

Bed bugs are one of the most terrifying and nasty things to deal with in a house. Bed bugs may be little, but they feed on the blood of both animals and people. Because they are approximately the size of an apple seed, you may not even notice that they have entered your home, but once inside, they travel swiftly. They are typically found on beds, where the female may lay her eggs and start an infestation very immediately.

If you have a bed bug infestation and want to get rid of them permanently, you’ll need to learn what are their weakness and the tactics to control them. But if the infestation is too big to manage, you’ll need to search for “bed bug inspections near me”.

But if you have a couple of bed bugs, these controlling methods can help you:

Wash All of Your Clothes

When you’ve discovered evidence of bed bugs in your house, it’s time to go to take action. Heat is an efficient bed insect killer, so begin cleaning your possessions in hot water.

It is critical to remove bed bugs from clothing, bedding, towels, pet beds, and stuffed animals. Anything made of cloth should be washed on high heat in the washing machine. Then, using the maximum heat setting on your dryer, dry them. You may put objects that you don’t want to wash in the washing machine, such as shoes, in the dryer for 30 minutes. Getting rid of an infestation may cause you to miss work for a few days while you clean all of your items.

Mattress Deep Cleaning

What about the site of the crime, your mattress? While bed bugs are not limited to beds, they are a typical site to discover them. Begin by scrubbing the mattress seams with a firm brush. This will cause their eggs and shells to come free. Then, vacuum every edge of the mattress – top, bottom, and all sides. Keep in mind that your vacuum may now be contaminated with bugs and their eggs. When you’re finished with it, wrap it in a plastic bag and leave it outside the home.

Leave it out for a few days to suffocate the pests. Apply a similar procedure to your mattress by placing it in a tight bed bug-proof mattress encasement. Seal the mattress at least for a year. If there are still bed bugs, search for “bed bug control specialist brisbane” or “bed bug inspections specialist near me” online.

What Can’t Be Cleaned Should Be Sealed

What about goods that cannot be washed or dried, such as tables and chairs? These goods must be kept in plastic containers. If bed bugs are lurking in gaps or corners, sealing them can kill them for up to a year.

You could be better off simply getting rid of certain stuff. For instance, thick lazy-boy chairs that you don’t want to pay to have professionally cleaned. If you opt to leave these goods on the side of the road for pickup, label them as “bed bugs” or “broken” so that an unwary neighbour doesn’t mistake them for free furniture.

Repair Wall Cracks

Bed bugs love to hide in little gaps in the plaster of your walls. They may establish their nests in cracks or areas with lifting wallpaper. Examine the walls of your house thoroughly. Examine the walls for damage and spots where bed bugs might be lurking from room to room. To seal down rising edges, use wallpaper adhesive or remove the paper entirely. Fill up any wall gaps with plaster or caulk, no matter how minor.

All these tasks might be too much for you to handle, especially if you lead a busy life. In such an instance, it would be better to let the professional do the job. Why deal with all these hassles when you can deal with the critter just by searching for the “best bed bug company near me”? What you should focus on is preventing inviting the bugs again. So, after the treatment is done, you need to make sure that they don’t enter your home again.

Here Are Some of the Ways Bed Bugs Can Enter Your Home

Hotel: Bed bugs may easily leap inside your baggage for a voyage back home, whether they’re lurking in a hostel mattress or hanging out on a hotel’s luggage stand strap. They can also infiltrate your houseguests who have recently stayed in hotels, motels, or hostels.

Work and school: Picking up bed bugs at school is not unusual, as schools are renowned for transmitting insects and diseases. Bed bugs might get to your home in your child’s bag or clothing. Workplaces are another excellent bed bug pickup location, especially if you work in a shared workplace or have regular interaction with other people’s stuff.

Furniture: Both used and new furniture can be contaminated with bed bugs if carried in a vehicle that simultaneously hauls away old items. Inspect furniture before bringing it into your house to ensure it is free of unexpected guests.

Clothes: If it originates from an affected business or place, used or new clothing might be a carrier for bed bugs. Items should be washed in hot water that is at least 122 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate bed bugs before they throw a party in your closet.

We hope this comprehensive guide helps you to completely take control of the bed bug infestation situation at your home. And if it doesn’t, we are here to help you out.

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