Boost Traffic and Engagement on Instagram By Stories 

Instagram is the major gin medium for the business; whether it is B2B or B2C, you cannot grow like a firm if you are not connected with your audience at the social media levels. Many platforms are there to create your profile, but Instagram is the best one to date. So you are aware of the saturation on this handle, and making your way on this channel is not easy. If you want to bring more traffic and engagement to your profile, consider Instagram stories. Yes, many brands buy real Instagram likes Uk, but these tips as a whole do wonders and bring organic traffic.

Instagram stories are the sensation of the internet. Although this photo-sharing app has adopted this feature from the SNAPCHAT social media, it gets its fame on this photo-sharing handles.

People prefer to view the stories rather than go for the feed posts. You can say Instagram stories are engaging, fun, entertaining, and humane.

So, what so ever is why this Instagram feature is the key to growth for many businesses.

If you are newbies and have no budget to buy Instagram likes Uk, then focus on the stories. If you use each component of this feature correctly, no one can stop you from reaching the peak of success.

So you can say Instagram stories now become more powerful and savvy with time. Today it possesses the tools that do magic for the bands to expand their business and gain more traffic. So like everything, companies are online, and you need to be very picky about your branding plan. Do not forget to add a stories feature, whatever your marketing scheme is. Indeed you are re-posting the perfect content on the feed, but stories can do wonders.

How to Bring Traffics and Engagement via Stories 

You must have heard so much about the Instagram stories, but many of the newbies of unfamiliar with its powers. The feature of Instagram has many elements that help the brands to grow from scratch to the ops. Do you have many names that are of top-notch quality, making a handsome amount on these handles? Why is it? It is due to the right usage of stories features. Following are some interesting features of the stories:

  • #tags
  • location tags
  • stickers
  • boomerang
  • swipe up
  • more.

Are you wondering how to use them to bring traffic and engagement? Here you go!


let us begin with the hashtags games. You must have viewed many feed content with the number of #tags. Indeed incorporating the right tags bring views, comments, and likes to the content.

Why sit? Due to the visibility, it increases and makes the larger audience witness your content. Remember, it is not only your Uk Instagram followers who will view the content but also the non-followers. Whenever they search for the particular tag you have used in the content, they can view your post.

The same case is with the stories.

Here is the top for you. You can use one or two stories’ hashtags stickers. Hey, relax. Do not overuse this sticker because the Instagram algorithm does not like stuffing.

Location Tags

Now let us move toward another interesting and catchy feature of the stories. What about location tags? There is no need to worry about likes and comments when you have location tags in your hand. Do you know now business, personal accounts, and the influencers can incorporate location in their stories? Do you know it will increase the performance? So, if not, then keep reading.

All you have to add is the location, and your post will appear under the hashtags of that particular location. For example, #cafe95, all the content with #cafe95 will be visible to the Instagrammers. The chances are high that they might like your stories and visit your profile to follow your account!

So hashtags and location tags are the simple media to increase the reach and visibility.

Save Essential Stories to the Highlights

So, Instagram stories never last forever, and it remains there for 24 hours after that, and it disappears. If you would like to save it, add the stories to the highlight. It is another medium to engage followers and bring more traffic.

Here it would help to optimize the stories by adding them to the highlights. It will give the idea to the view followers to know about your works and niches.

Once you have added the stories to the highlight, add a cover to it. You can name that highlight such as:

2022 shoe collection

  • PR packages
  • Reviews
  • Some instructions
  • more

So you can add a cover by hitting on the 3 dots and then highlights. After that, you need to edit the cover.

Doing this makes the visitors get an idea about your services, what other people think about you, and much more.

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