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Choosing the Right Bed Linen- A Complete Guide

Make your bedroom as comfortable and stylish by buying the right bed linen sets. From picking up the bedsheets to the duvet covers or comforters, keeping your game on from the beginning and playing best with colors would enable you to have a room you would always be excited to enter as soon as you return home. Moreover, the rightly chosen bed linen will help you sleep comfortably.

But how to choose the best bed linen? Here is a complete guide that could help you in arranging your bed. 

What does Bed Linen Consist Of?

Duvets, pillows, pillow covers, comforters, bedsheets and blankets or quilts are compulsory accessories for any luxurious bedding. You can always leave some and pick the rest. For example, whether you prefer a blanket or a duvet is totally up to you. We will mention some factors that you could think of before choosing any bed linen sets. 

The Fabric Type 

It is necessary to understand the fabric type that will be useful for you. The bed linen comes in various kinds of fabrics. These are cotton, Pima cotton, Flannel Cotton, Polycotton, and linen. Each has its features upon which you have to decide whether these are for you or not. 

Egyptian cotton is known for its durability and prevents pilling of the sheets. Pilling can be uncomfortable as the sheet would make tiny lumps that could disturb your sleep. Pilling is common in low-standard sheets. Similarly, in the duvets and duvet covers, the Egyptian cotton makes them fluffy and comfortable. 

Next is the Pima cotton, which is a luxurious fabric type. The finesse of the Pima cotton’s length guarantees the durability and breathability of the bed linen. Furthermore, Pima cotton makes the sheets such that you will not feel overheated. Also, they are a good match for your bed. Moreover, if you are a warm sleeper, flannel cotton can provide you with the best sheets which keep you insulated throughout the night. The flannel sheets are best known for their softness. 

Polycotton is known to provide an extraordinary level of durability. The polyester that goes into making the polycotton fabrics are the most popular choice in luxurious hotels and hospitals. They are not knitted for coolness or breathability. Therefore, if you are someone who does not prefer warmth during the night, these might not necessarily be for you. 

Lastly, we have bed linens. The linen sheets become softer with time and use. They retain their brand new look for a long time. They are hypoallergenic and have natural temperature regulating abilities. 

Thread count 

Thread count is a measure of how tightly a fabric is knit. The thread count of the fibre indicates its softness and feel. It’s also commonly used in marketing to imply that one product is of higher quality than opponents’ sheets. Cotton fabric will have a thread count of a minimum of 200 to 400 to make it feel plush and soft. Standard Egyptian cotton begins at 300 and may exceed 400. For linen sheets, thread count does not indicate the quality of linen sheets.  It has the lowest thread count of 80-140. So, next time you are buying a bed linen set make sure that the thread count is standard. 

Note that flannel is measured in GSM. A standard one would be 170+ GSM. Thread count also determines the cost of the bed linen sets. The more the thread count, the more expensive the sheets would be.

The Weave Technique Plays an Important Role as well

The type of weave that a particular fabric has undergone also determines the feel of the fabric. Different weaving techniques include percale which is tight knitting of the fabric which makes it cool and crisp, sateen which makes the sheet feel smooth ad luxurious, for an excellent drape, you may prefer fabric woven with twilling technique and waffle weaving which makes the fabric more textured because of the honeycomb grid structure. 

The Tog Rating of the Duvets

Many people may not know about tog rating. It is the measure of warmth that a duvet provides. Remember that you can use different duvets for autumns, summers and springs but you can combine them under one cover and button them together to make a warm layer of duvet in winters. 

Last Things is The Fitting 

Whether it is the fitting of the bed sheets on your mattress or the fittings of the duvet covers, you have wide options. You can choose the deep-fitted bed sheets that would if a standard mattress or a fit leveled sheet which would provide some flexibility and you can adjust it as you like. You may prefer button fastenings for the duvet covers because they are the most reliable and comfortable choices for them.

Final Say 

Once you are aware of this jargon of bed set linen, you are bound to get your hands on a comfortable setting that would last you long and ensure a restful sleep. 

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