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Diaper Rash: Causes and Treatment

Pediatrician in Lahore

What is Diaper Rash?

You wouldn’t knowingly choose to put rubbing alcohol in your baby’s eyes, so why would you use it on their bottom? That’s the first thing parents need to know about diaper rash, the most common skin condition in babies and toddlers(Pediatrician in Lahore).

Here are the answers to your most pressing questions about diaper rash and what you can do about it at home or with help from pediatricians and child specialists at Polyclinic of Lahore.

Causes of diaper rash

Doctors are divided on whether parents should use cloth or disposable diapers, but they can agree on one thing: Babies need to be changed often.

Changing a baby’s diaper frequently helps prevent diaper rash by keeping moisture away from your child’s delicate skin. Also, avoid wipes with alcohol, which can dry out your baby’s skin and leave it susceptible to infection.

Did you know…

Some of diaper rash’s main causes are bacteria or yeast. The skin in a baby’s bottom tends to be thinner than most other parts of their body, making it more vulnerable to diseases and other issues.

These yeast infections in babies can spread easily from one part of their body to another. If your child has several episodes of diaper rash that are not clearing up with normal cleaning, bring them to a Lahore pediatrician and child specialists for treatment as soon as possible.

Bacteria is Growing

Unfortunately, one of our most vulnerable citizens is exposed to bacteria growing in diapers. While adults can adjust their diet and behaviors to avoid infection and illness, babies often need help from a professional.

Lahore pediatrician says they can avoid diaper rash by changing diapers frequently and washing them with warm water. To speed up healing, ask your local medical provider about homeopathic treatments. Might prescribe an ointment or salve and oral medication if necessary.

Treatments for diaper rash

When dealing with diaper rash, Lahore pediatrician child specialists advise prevention as a first step. While common in babies with sensitive skin or allergies, diaper rash can happen to anyone. It’s important to keep your baby hydrated and watch for redness and irritation around their genital area.

Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Keeping your baby’s bottom dry and changing their diaper often are two great ways to prevent a diaper rash from forming. However, even with these precautions, it can still form—and when it does, you’ll need to deal with it.

In many cases, simply treating your baby’s red and irritated skin will help clear up any rashes. By following a few steps each day, you can have your little one feeling like themselves again in no time.

How to prevent diaper rash

Although it might not be possible to prevent diaper rash completely, there are a few easy steps that you can take to reduce your baby’s risk significantly. Always make sure your baby wipes thoroughly and dry off after they urinate or defecate.

Lahore child specialists’ advice on treating baby diaper rashes

Apply petroleum jelly on your baby’s skin regularly, as it soothes rashes and keeps them moist. Avoid using baby powder and talcum powder since they can irritate. Lastly, keep a clean cloth handy for wiping up excess stool from your baby’s bottom.

Wash their hands after changing diapers as well. If your child suffers from frequent diaper rashes, speak with a Lahore pediatrician about other potential causes of infection or irritations.

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