How do vape boxes work and what are their types?

What are vape boxes and their types?

Vaping is slowly replacing the use of cigarettes throughout the world. After the statement from the WHO (World Health Organization) regarding the benefits of cannabidiol products to our human body, vaping culture has started to grow rapidly. Vape devices provide the same satisfaction as cigarettes but instead of nicotine they have cannabidiol inside it.

This has made the demand for vape devices increase and now there are special markets created where you can buy these products. Currently the market is still at its initial stage but sooner it will expand so if you want to gain advantage in this market you would need unique vape boxes.

We at Viveprinting Canada have custom vape boxes available in all sizes and shapes. Along with simple vape boxes we also have vape cartridge packaging Canada also in stock. Visit our website Viveprinting.ca to get the cheapest CBD vape packaging wholesale. Ask away If you have any query regarding vape boxes on our website.

The following are vape boxes:

Vape boxes are packaging boxes which are specially designed for storing vape devices inside them. Vape boxes have just started to excel in the market because of the increase in demand for vaping devices. Vape boxes can be altered into any shape and size depending on which vaping product it is being designed for. The current market of vape boxes is quite narrow but soon it will expand so the companies need to act now and create their own identity in the market.

Custom vape boxes:

Custom vape boxes open a whole new set of options for companies to market their products. The retail market is filled with different packaging boxes and if you want to rise up above them you need to have colorful and vibrant looking vape boxes in store.  If you are searching for vape cartridge packaging Canada then I would recommend you buy it from Viveprinting.ca.

Types of vape boxes:

Vape boxes can be designed differently depending on which type of vape product is going to be stored in them. These other variations of vape boxes are as follows.

Boxes that tuck away vapes:

Tuck vape boxes are opened from one side and closed from the other to provide the best safety for the product inside it. Tuck vape boxes are normally used for storing lightweight products inside them and are small in size.

If you want these CBD vape packaging wholesale then go to Viveprinting.ca.

Window vape boxes:

Window vape boxes have a small plastic window in front of the packaging box. This window enables the customer to look at the product inside without the need of opening it up. Window vape boxes come in very handy in promoting your product and if you are selling cool looking window vape boxes then they will surely sell in the market.

Auto lock vape boxes:

These vape boxes are one of the most secure packaging boxes ever made. Auto lock vape boxes have one side locked which means there is no chance for the product to break through the box. Custom vape boxes are capable of holding glass products. Auto lock boxes are considered the best vape cartridge packaging Canada. Visit Viveprinting.ca for more details.

Materials in vape boxes:

Material selection is very important to manufacture the best product.

The same case is for vape boxes. The companies need to understand that the vape boxes need to be built with strong materials because glass products can be kept inside them. If the material is not up to the mark, then the glass product will break the packaging box.

Another thing to look out for is that most companies when they design packaging boxes don’t care about its customization.  Vape boxes need to be customizable because it is the only way to have an edge over your competitor.

We at Viveprinting use corrugated material to manufacture vape boxes. Its exterior can be customized up to any level and it is also very sturdy.

Designing of vape boxes:

Designing a unique packaging box is now essential if you want to succeed in the market. Companies are now having to think outside the box to create unusual packaging designs so that customers buy their products. This is the same case for vape boxes. The market is slowly building up vaping devices so creating your own brand by introducing custom vape boxes to the market is a good step.

We at Viveprinting have an amazing team working for us. The people working here look at the current world trends and try to replicate them on the packaging boxes. We listened to our customers and tried to convert their vision of these vaping boxes so that it helps them in the retail market. Place your order now at Viveprinting.ca and avail our cheap CBD vape packaging wholesale.

Printing on vape boxes:

After the design, the next thing is the printing on vape boxes. Printing helps in creating uniqueness in the product. Through it, when customers visit the stores and see products whose packaging is different and artistic, they stop and notice the product more carefully. The survey has indicated that there is a high chance of selling a product when it has colourful packaging. These techniques are also applied to the vape boxes to make it more presentable in the market.

Viveprinting has the latest printing machines which produce high-quality ink and images on custom vape boxes. Customers can send us their designs and we can replicate them on the packaging. To make vape boxes more colorful customers can add different colors to them as well. From the Pantone and CMYK color schemes they can choose any color they like. Get your own custom vape boxes from us at Viveprinting.ca.

Why choose us?

On time delivery:

Viveprinting has always been punctual when it comes to delivering products to the customers. We hand deliver it to your doorstep without any extra charges.

Customer satisfaction:

Our primary goal is to make our customers happy by delivering the best possible end product. We always push to recreate the product which our customers have in their minds. Their feedback is everything to us because it helps us improve in every aspect.

If you like our custom vape boxes then you will also love our mailer boxes and pillow boxes. Visit Viveprinting.ca now and place your order.


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