How To Eliminate QuickBooks Script Error?

QuickBooks Script Error

QuickBooks Script Error is one of the most perplexing errors in the program that can take place when opening the QuickBooks company file. You may receive this error abruptly; however, it does not tell the reason behind the issue. If you are facing this issue and trying to get rid of rid, then here is an Intuitive post for you.

In the process of troubleshooting, you need to know the possible reasons that can promote this error. Once you have these reasons handy, you can proceed further with the troubleshooting. Let’s discuss the QuickBooks Script error in detail.

What Is Script Error in QuickBooks Program?

Before we proceed any further, let’s understand the term in the first place. Script error in the program is related to Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is the default browser used by QuickBooks. Installation issues with the JavaScript or VB Script can cause this error to emerge.

Sometimes, it is Internet Explorer that fails to execute these scripting languages, and a QuickBooks Script error takes place. When the error occurs, you will see an error message for the same that states:

QuickBooks Script Error ( Error Message)

QuickBooks Script Error Unable To Get Property Length of Undefined or Null Reference.


An Error Has Occurred In The Script Of This Page.

This error is closely related to Internet Explorer. To resolve this problem, you need to dig further into the possible reasons.

Factors That Can Promote QuickBooks Desktop Script Error

Erroneous settings in Internet Explorer are one of the most apparent reasons behind the script error in the program. Internet Explorer is a default browser for QuickBooks. Misconfigured or outdated browser evokes this error. Check the below-listed points for the detailed reasons:

  • When you make a new page request while Internet Explorer is already running, the error can take place.

  • If Internet Explorer is not configured properly to favor the operations of the QuickBooks application.

  • QuickBooks Script errors can also take place when QuickBooks and Internet Explorer are not synced.

How To Determine If QuickBooks Script Error Has Occurred?

When the error occurs, you can identify it with the help of the below-given symptoms:

  • An error message appears on the screen notifying you about the persisting issue.

  • Sluggish or malfunctioning Internet Explorer.

  • Windows Firewall obstructs the activities of QuickBooks when the program is not added as an exception.

  • Trouble navigating through the screen when using QuickBooks.

  • You may not be able to download the releases for QuickBooks updates.

  • Timeout messages appear on the screen now and then.

Best Possible Ways To Troubleshoot The Error

Now that you know the possible reasons and symptoms of QuickBooks Script error, below are some of the best techniques to eliminate the persisting issue:

Solution 1: Clear Cache Data of Internet Explorer

Sometimes, your Internet browser gets piled up with cookies, history, or temporary Internet files, causing QuickBooks script error to take place. To resolve the error, you need to clean your Internet Explorer’s cache data. Below are the steps:

  • From within Internet Explorer, navigate to and select Tools.

  • Thereafter, you need to click Internet Options and then click the General tab.

  • Moving ahead, click the Delete button located underneath Browser History.

  • Mark the checkboxes for the options you want to delete.

  • Once done, click OK to confirm the deletion of your selections.

Solution 2: Disable Add-Ons From Your Browser

If the QuickBooks Script error continues, disable the add-ons from your browser to fix it. These add-ons can hamper the performance of your Internet Browser, thereby making it prone to various issues. To do so:

  • Open Internet Explorer and then navigate to the Tools section.

  • From within this section, select Internet Options.

  • Thereafter, you need to choose Programs to move ahead in the procedure.

  • When the new tab opens, click the Manage add-ons option.

  • In the end, you need to select Disable add-ons and click OK to get the job done.

If you are still facing the error, try the next solution. 

Solution 3: Configure Your Internet Browser Correctly 

The faulty configuration of Internet Explorer is also one of the main reasons behind the error. To deal with it, you need to configure your browser correctly. Below are the steps: 

  • Launch Internet Explorer in the first place. 

  • Once done, go to the Tools and then select Internet Options. 

  • Thereafter, click the Advanced tab to proceed further. 

  • When the new tab appears, click Reset to default and then Apply > OK. 

Follow these steps with the utmost attention and check the status of the error. If it is still troubling you, move to the next solution. 

Solution 4: Exempt QuickBooks To Make It A Trusted Site 

Your Internet security can block QuickBooks due to security reasons. If you want to open QuickBooks, then you need to add Intuit as a trusted site to prevent your security application from blocking it. Below are your steps: 

  • Open Internet Explorer o your machine and then select Tools.

  • After that, go to Internet Options.

  • Here, you need to click on the Security tab.

  • In the end, exempt .Intuit.com by adding it as a Trusted Site.

Solution 5: Check If Reactivating Internet Explorer Can Help

No luck so far with the error resolution? Reactivate Internet Explorer on Windows 10 to eliminate the QuickBooks script error. 

  • Press Windows + R, and it will open the Run window. In the search area, type Control Panel and click Enter.

  • It will open the Add/Remove Program option. 

  • Now go to the Turn Windows features on or off section. Make sure that the checkbox for Internet Explorer 11 option is not marked.

  • Thereafter, reboot the Windows and go to the same settings.

  • Here, you have to re-enable Internet Explorer 11 by check-marking the box against it. 

  • Restart your PC in the end and check if the error is fixed or not. 

Ending Words!

The solutions discussed in this post can help eliminate the QuickBooks script error with ease. If you are having any kind of unease while performing the procedures, our QuickBooks Enterprise Support professionals is there to help you. Just drop your query on chat or mail and get a prompt response from experts.

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