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How to Repair the Brother Printer Offline: A Simple Solution

We are unrivaled when it comes to servicing Brother Printers. We make certain that your everyday work runs smoothly. Company Brother is one of the greatest printers on the market; they have risen to the top of the industry, and their market share reflects this. Consumers are frequently caught off guard since Company Brother produces printers in a variety of price ranges and settings. Company Brother will have what you’re looking for. As a result, most consumers pick the Brother Printers because of their remarkable features. Despite its enormous popularity, it is not without technological flaws. For example, many consumers inquire about “how to get the Brother Printer offline fix?”

In this post, you will find some of the simplest remedies to your Brother Printer offline Windows 10 problem. Simply follow the procedures below to resolve your concerns as soon as possible.

Reasons for the Brother Printer Saying Offline Error

This Brother Printer offline error can be caused by several factors. However, we have covered some of the more notable ones. Now consider the following:

  1. There might be a problem with the connection or the network.
  2. This issue can occur as a result of printer configuration issues. In most situations, people have complained that their Brother Printer says offline owing to incorrect settings.
  3. This problem is sometimes caused by an outdated printer driver.
  4. The issue might be with the spooler service.

These are the most common causes of the Brother Printer saying offline on Windows 10. Aside from these causes, there are a few others. Aside from these causes, there are a few others. In that situation, you must address every possible source of the mistake.

Easy methods to resolve the Brother Printer Offline problem

This section contains some practical solutions to this error. Simply follow the steps carefully to correct this issue on your own.

1: Double-check the printer connection

The offline printer status confirms that something is wrong here. It suggested a communication issue between your PC and printer via the network connection or USB cord. In that situation, the first step is to ensure that your printer is connected to your PC.

You should restart your printer first, and then wait for it to be fully ready. You may now test your printer connection.

Note- If you discover that your Brother Printer is linked via a USB cable, double-check that the cord to your printer is securely connected. After that, you may validate that you are connecting the cable to your PC via a functional USB port.

Furthermore, if your printer is linked to a wired network, you must ensure that the cord to your printer is securely attached to the Ethernet port. You may now verify that your printer is successfully linked to the port on your router. Check to see whether the printer’s network signal is flashing.

Note- If your printer goes offline because the connection is too old or faulty, you may need to replace them.

Furthermore, if your printer is connected through a wireless network, you may ensure that it is connected to your PC network. There will be a Wi-Fi symbol lighting up, indicating that you are connected.

2: Install the most recent Brother Printer driver.

This problem might also be caused by defective printer drivers. In this scenario, you must upgrade the printer driver. We’ve offered two options for getting the right printer drivers. Manual driver update – You may manually update your Brother Printer driver by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Make certain that the driver you select is entirely compatible with your version of Windows 10.

Update drivers automatically – If you don’t have enough time, you may have Driver Easy do it for you. It will detect your device and direct you to the appropriate driver for your Brother Printer. Install and run Driver Easy to update the Brother Printer. Then, simply click the Scan Now button. You may now select the Update option. Following that, you will see the automated download option; you must then manually install it. Finally, click the Update All option and then click OK to finish the procedure.

If the Brother Printer offline issue persists after upgrading the drivers, go to the next procedure.

3: Check the Status of Printing

Essentially, the auto-update printer driver can adjust the printer settings. In that situation, you must check the printer status. To check the status of your Brother Printer, restart it and then hit the Windows logo key + I at the same time. After that, simply pick the Devices. You must now choose the Devices and Printers option. Right-click on the green indicated icon and choose ‘See what’s printed.’

Note: If you discover an unchecked grey icon there, simply right-click on it and select ‘Set as Default Printer.’

Simply right-click on it and choose to see what’s printed. Then click the Printer button. You will now see the Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline choices; uncheck these options.


Hopefully, you can now easily detect the reasons behind the Brother Printer offline issue. I hope this article was useful in quickly resolving the Brother Printer that indicates offline in Windows 10 issue for you. Even after implementing all the possible methods you still are not able to solve the problem we recommend you contact an expert who can help you to get rid of the issue.

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