How to Setup your Highly Secure Dedicated Server in India for your Business?

Technology has become so advanced in the 21st century and every human being is completely dependent on technology. Hence, all businesses whether small or large enterprises bring their business online and serve their customers through their mobile phones. With the advancement of technology, the concern of cybercrime is also increasing rapidly. According to the report of Statista, the cases of cybercrime have increased significantly. Statista’s report states that more than 50 thousand cases were registered in 2020. Therefore, businesses should consider highly secure web hosting to keep their data safe.

Most businesses use Dedicated Server in India to host their business website and their applications. Because there are many benefits of this web hosting technology like in this web hosting you can get a highly secure environment for your website.

In this article, I will tell you how you can easily set up your dedicated server for your business in India. Being with the article enhanced your knowledge.

What is a Bare Metal Server?

Bare metal servers or we can say dedicated servers in India have the most variety of web hosting servers. In this server, only one tenant hosts its server resources and gets 99.9% network uptime with the highest security. Indian dedicated server provides you the space to host your resources like CPU, operating system, RAM, and storage without any restrictions. There are a lot of benefits of using this server which is discussed below:

Perks of Dedicated Server in India

You can get exciting advantages from an Indian dedicated server and improve your business revenue. Let us figure out some advantages of Dedicated server hosting.

  • Performance – Get a dedicated server with higher performance than any other server in India. This web hosting server provides you with excellent network uptime and stable performance.
  • Reliability – Apart from other web hosting services, dedicated server hosting in India gives complete control and ownership over the servers which indicates high reliability.
  • Security – As we have discussed in the above point a dedicated server gives you complete ownership to the owner. You can customize your dedicated server and increase your security level.
  • Value for Money – Although dedicated servers are expensive compared to other web hosting such as shared hosting or VPS hosting, they provide more flexibility, higher-performing servers than other hosting services. Hence its value for money.
  • Unique IP address – Most of the Indian web hosting providers provide you with an individual IP address for your website. This is so beneficial for any cyber-attacks.

Top Variety of Best Dedicated Server India?

There are top varieties of dedicated server. All types of dedicated server hosting play a vital role in fulfilling all your business needs and requirements.

  • Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server 

In this case, you will be hiring top-performing engineers to manage your dedicated server. In simple words, your web hosting provider manages your dedicated server on your behalf.

  • Unmetered Dedicated Server

This is a very special type of dedicated server in India. You cannot worry about your bandwidth overage charges. This server has no restrictions and gets unlimited bandwidth every month.

  • Cheap Dedicated Server

This server is specifically designed for small businesses that want complete control but cannot afford a dedicated server. This server comes with significant features at affordable prices.

  • Standard Dedicated Server

This dedicated server is an upgraded version of a cheap dedicated server in India. They offer better performance and additional features. 

  • Enterprise Dedicated Server

It is the leading dedicated server in India that offers high performance, reliability, security, flexibility, and scalability. Enterprises can easily customize their servers as per their business needs.

Procedure to set up your Indian Dedicated Server

Now, let’s discuss how to set up your dedicated server for your business in India. You can just follow below points.

  1. Initially, you can log in to your Web Host Manager (WHM), it is just a simple interface to access your dedicated server.
  2. Need one business email for networking with your server and detecting any issue or problem in your server.
  3. Install DNS server for your domain names.
  4. Before setup your dedicated server, first you must set your dedicated IP address which is given by your web hosting provider.
  5. After setting up your IP address, Now set your nameservers.
  6. After setting up all stuff, now it’s time to choose your services like FTP and mail servers.
  7. Now set up your bandwidth packages

How Serverwala is Best for Your Dedicated Server India?

After researching a lot, I figure the most leading brand in India offers a highly reliable, most secured, and high-performing dedicated server in India. Serverwala Cloud Data Center is one of the most recognized brands that give the most affordable plans of the best dedicated server India. They provide most exciting offers to their clients such as :

  • Unique IP address
  • SSD Disk storage
  • Optimum Bandwidth
  • Advanced Security Features
  • SSH Root control
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Network Uptime
  • 24/7 Highly Experienced Customer Support Team
  • Live Chat
  • Affordable Plans and Packages

Get Cheap Dedicated Server in India from Serverwala

Let’s have a look at cheap dedicated server Indian pricing and packages from Serverwala. They offer different packages for a different use cases. 


Best web hosting and its providers play a vital role in every business. Securing your resources is another important task. Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the best web hosting provider in India that provides the best and secure dedicated servers in India at affordable rates.

If you are looking for the best web hosting for your business and you are confused then a dedicated server with the server in India is the most reliable decision for your business. If you have any queries related to the Serverwal Dedicated server you can contact on their website. Their highly supported customer support team assists you very efficiently.

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