How to Write A Compelling Product Description That Sells

The part of an internet listing that explains what an item is and why it’s worth buying is called a product description(product features). A well-written product description can drastically improve the exposure of your online store by qualifying, convincing, and enlightening the reader.

It must do more than simply describe the product to be effective. A well-written product description will educate your customers, express your brand, and drive traffic to your store, resulting in sales and other key performance metrics (KPIs).

1. Define your product description’s goals.

While it isn’t necessary to spend time outlining detailed strategies and objectives for each product description you create, it is critical to begin by determining what success will entail.

A good product description will include:

Demonstrate to the customer that they are a perfect match for your brand and goods by qualifying them. Persuade: Provide convincing reasons why the buyer will profit from the purchase. Inform: Provide accurate and relevant information to boost buyer confidence and reduce return rates. Boost: Increase the visibility of your listing by optimising search engine results. Though the primary goal is to boost conversions, effective copywriting can improve performance across a variety of critical retail measures. If your store is currently up and running, figure out which KPIs should be improved and keep them in mind while you update your listings.

2. Define Your Target Market

The next stage is to identify your target market. Do you target stay-at-home moms or corporate executives? Are trend-conscious 20-somethings your target demographic? Perhaps you cater to the gaming community? In your product description, you should concentrate on talking to whoever your ideal consumer is. To begin, visualise your potential buyer in your thoughts. Consider who they are, what they do, where they hang out, and what they require. This is known as developing a consumer profile, and it is an extremely useful marketing tool.

Having a clear picture of your target consumer will make interacting with them through your writing much more efficient. This stage is crucial to a successful product description because it transforms product-centric language into a lively, customer-centered discussion, which is what sells. Targeting your ideal buyer can make a huge impact in your copywriting. Let’s talk about how to turn those information into successful product descriptions by communicating with your audience with a client profile in mind.

3. Determine the tone of your listing

The “personality” of your store or brand as expressed via your writing and how it is perceived by your target audience is known as tone. Having a consistent and powerful tone is an important aspect of overall branding success, but simply putting decisive tone into your product descriptions may make a major difference.

Tone can be described as a writing tool by asking the following question:

In person, how, where, and why would you approach your target buyer? Consider the following hypothetical encounter with your customer: Would you meet them in a business situation, such as an office or a conference? Perhaps a chance meeting in a coffee shop or a craft beer bar? Perhaps a conversation to fill the time during your children’s playdate?

Understanding the dynamics of a face-to-face conversation will help you find your optimal tone. Any conversation will take on its own tone—business, technical, casual, humorous, snarky, educational, and so on. You can draw the customer in and give them a cause to stay on the website by applying that to your copywriting.

4. Convert item features into must-have advantages

Many entrepreneurs concentrate entirely on actual features, specifications, and crucial details in their product descriptions—all of which are critical aspects—but the true purpose of a great listing is to express the idea that your product would improve the buyer’s life. Sure, you want to highlight your product’s best features, but your main goal should be to give the buyer the right reason to acquire it.

To accomplish so, you’ll need to translate facts about your product (such as its structure, intended application, special features, material, and specifications) into user advantages. Impersonal elements will be transformed into personal benefits in a good product description. You’ll need to focus your attention on what your target buyer values in order to achieve this effectively.

5. Pay attention to the format and length.

According to Chartbeat’s analysis of page views and interaction, you only have 15 seconds to capture your customer’s attention before they close the tab and go on. Because you only have a little window of opportunity, it’s critical to make your postings as appealing and scannable as possible. If you produce a mountain of verbiage in your product description, your viewers are almost certainly not going to read it.

Customers appreciate immediate facts, therefore the quick-scan format works. Use bullet points or bold headings to communicate significant benefits in an eye-catching fashion after a brief introduction. Then, in the body, write your whole description. Break it up into bite-sized chunks with subheads and one- to three-sentence follow-ups if it’s large (say, 300 words or more).Close with a compelling remark that encourages customers to click the “ADD TO CART” button, such as “one click makes it yours,” or “limited availability” for seasonal items.

Different product kinds and platforms will require different product description formats, but following this advice will get you start of it.. Sticking to a template, especially if you’re writing a whole inventory’s worth of entries, increases productivity and uniformity. In reality, it’s how expert copywriters produce large quantities of product descriptions, so it can make your job easier as well.

It’s time to write, with your buyer and tone in mind, advantages stated, and a format in place.

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