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Red lentils benefits for skincare

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Pulses are not only known for their multiple vital nutrients and are healthy for the body. Using pulses homemade face packs can be helpful in curing some skin issues and help you achieve flawless skin. Masoor dal, moong dal, and Bengal gram are pulses considered good for skin care or skin regime. Red lentil is packed with some essential nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B-6. it is considered a natural homemade remedy that keeps all your skin issues at bay. Red lentil is called by another name in India, which is masoor dal. This shows an augment in the pulses use, though this is not used for eating purposes. We can use this in our beauty regime also. Hence, this is giving a surge in the Pulses Supplier in India.

Below we are mentioning some red lentil face pack benefits for skin

  • Red lentil helps in achieving flawless skin – Red lentil is the Indian staple food that is well known for radiant skin. Give healthy skin from deep inside the skin tissues. Let’s look below at how is possible to achieve a radiant skin glow.
  • Red lentil is an amazing cleanser – Red lentils are packed with protein and with essential nutrients called minerals and vitamins. It is known to clean the open pores thoroughly and removes all the impurities and dirt from deep inside the skin layer.
  • Red lentil is a natural exfoliator – Red lentil acts as a natural exfoliator, with their existing nutrients it helps remove dead skin cells, and leaves your skin smooth and supple. Applying a red lentil-prepared home-based face pack can help to get rid of acne issues and blackheads.
  • A perfect skin-brightening homemade ingredient – Skin brightening agents red lentil is not only a natural and an excellent cleanser and exfoliator. It tends to lighten your dark skin patches, and remove pigmentation and skin scars. And further helps in brightening skin.

These are some amazing red lentil skin benefits. Every woman on this earth dream of having clear and flawless skin. Spending excess money in saloons, not everyone can afford. Red lentil is found in every kitchen, a perfect homemade remedy and natural skin-curing ingredient. With no money, you can have flawless skin. There are different methods that you can use as per skin type and with the available ingredient. Red lentils will be the main ingredient in this homemade face pack.

Prepare the face pack by using red lentils and milk

As mentioned above, red lentils contain essential skin-brightening properties along with milk also contains an essential vitamin. Coupled with comprises a great skin-bleaching property is used for skiing brightening.

Soak red lentils overnight, in the morning make a thick paste then add raw milk to it. Mix the paste well, then apply it all over the face. Leave it for 10 minutes, rinse your face with cold water and make sure to apply some moisture in form of serum.

Use honey and a red lentil face pack

Honey is the natural moisture that helps in retaining your skin’s moisturize. It carries antibacterial properties that prevent acne and hydrate your skin for last long. It is known to nourish the skin deeply.

Let’s prepare a honey and red lentil mixed face pack. Add two tablespoons of red lentil powder and add raw organic honey to it. Mix this paste well and apply it over your face. leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse your face at normal room temperature.

Gram flour and red lentil pack

Gram flour is commonly called besan in the Indian kitchen. It contains cleansing properties and zinc presence is known to reduce dark scars and pigmentation. It is highly effective in obstinate tanning your face.

Take two tablespoons of gram flour and two tablespoons of red lentils thick paste soaked overnight.  Apply it over your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Let it dry completely, scrub it, and then rinse it with cold water. Red lentils benefits are being used all across the country, in-home and by cosmetic industries, this gains the surge to Wholesale Indian grocery suppliers, which further bolsters the wide scope in the market.

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