Use Twilio SMS For Gaining the Benefits Of Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the fastest as well as most efficient ways of reaching your targeted audience. Nowadays, everyone has a phone which opens up the possibility of attracting new customers every day. In order to achieve this, you need to have a tool that is completely capable of handling and executing hefty tasks.

Twilio SMS for SuiteCRM is one such kind of plugin that can fulfill all your requirements when it comes to mass texting. Here, we will be demonstrating some key features of this plugin that can help you in achieving your desired goals.

Twilio’s programmable messaging API equips users with the ability to send bulk text messages. Sending SMS messages one by one is now a primitive way, which also downgrades the productivity of the company. But now, firms are opting for the Twilio SMS plugin instead. This extension includes astonishing features like sending Bulk SMS messages, SMS templates, Live Chat Support with CRM users, and an opt-out feature for the customers at receiving end. Another best thing about this plugin is that it can seamlessly integrate with SuiteCRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Astonishing Features Of Twilio Sms Extension

Twilio is a very renowned name that is providing reliable SMS delivery service for a while now. With the help of Twilio SMS API, many businesses have gained the benefits of bulk SMS marketing. Our extension which integrates the functionality of Twilio and SuiteCRM comprises many advanced features.

  • Customer’s SMS History remains safe: The plugin that we have developed is capable of holding the conversation history with customers in SuiteCRM. So, if you accidentally miss any crucial point during the first conversation then you can check that later. No need to bother the customer again regarding the same question.
  • SMS Templates for Quick Response: In here, you’ll also get preformatted SMS templates that the users can use while having conversations with customers. This will improve the user’s responding time as well as save them from recurrent tasks.
  • Live Chat with CRM users: Live chat is a key factor that can contribute to improving the support experience of customers. At present, no business can afford to miss out on that functionality. That’s the reason why we included this feature in our extension. With the help of this, you can instantly respond to the customer’s queries.
  • Choose to Opt-out: If a customer at the receiving end doesn’t want to have these recurring messages anymore then they can choose to stop it. The only thing they need to do is type and send “STOP”. However, there is a way to resubscribe for the service by sending “START”. The person at the receiving end will have complete authority. They can choose whether or not to receive messages.


Build a sturdy communication platform for having conversations with your customers. Like Twilio SMS, with this plugin, you’ll get advanced features that can help in your business growth. The interactive and intuitive live chat window gives the best user experience. The ability to select the SMS template saves you time


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