What is Blogging? Who is a Blogger and The Types of Blogging.

Blogging or What is Blogging?

The word Blog originates from the English word Weblog. The term Weblog was first coined on December 16, 1998, by John Berger, a U.S. citizen. Later, between April and May 1999, Peter Mahalj broke the term Weblog to Web and Blog. Blogs or blogs started to become popular all over the world after this(Types of Blogging).

So now the question is what is blogging or what is blogging? The blog is an English word blog whose Bengali synonym is a blog. Blogs are like online newspapers or personal diaries. Where bloggers write about various topics and users collect necessary information from there. In short, it is all about writing on a website or blog. There may be blogging on different topics. Such as poetry, literature, technology, news, sports, etc.

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History of Blogging:

In the world of the internet, the age of “blog” has crossed 15. The word blog originated from Weblog. The term weblog was first used ten years ago on December 16, 1997. The word was coined by John Berger, a U.S. citizen. Exactly two years later, between April and May 1999, a man named Peter Maharaj split the word Weblog into two parts – Web and Blog, and blogs became popular worldwide.

Who is a blogger or who is called a blogger?

Generally speaking, people who create different blogs or websites and publish articles on different topics are called bloggers.

Usually, those who write about their thoughts through blogs or websites are basically called bloggers. Bloggers express their thoughts through writing blogs or websites and visitors read them and express their views through comments. Modern bloggers are also considered freelance journalists.

Types of Blogging

There are two main types of blogs. Such as personal blogs and social blogs or public blogs.

> Personal blog: Personal Blog publishes individual central content. Many people like to express their own thoughts through blogs.

> Social blogs or public blogs: Many people together on public blogs are run by people who believe in the same ideology. However, the one who publishes the article here has to take all the responsibility for writing.

There are also some more blogs. They are mentioned below:

> Business Blog: This blog publishes various information about a company or organization. Reveals different aspects of their products, their different offers, business policies, etc.

> News Blog: Various news from home and abroad are published in this blog. For example sports news, entertainment news, etc.


I discussed the latest blogging, blogger, and blogging types. Hope you guys know about Blogging and bloggers. If you still want to know more about it then let us know in the comments. We will try to raise the issue you are asking about. 

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