What is IoT and How Does it Work? – A Simple Explanation

To begin with, IoT refers to the network of physical objects connected with each other through sensors, software, and other technologies. In addition, these connected objects are capable of collecting and exchanging data in real-time through the use of embedded sensors. The primary goal of this technology is to improve efficiency and quickly bring important information to the surface.

Features Of IoT

IoT is an umbrella term that consists of various applications and goals which are enabled through the connection of items. In addition, these applications and goals consist of data capture and communication capacities for transmitting or receiving data for business or societal purposes. It helps in improving staff productivity along with reducing human labor. Moreover, it results in better use of resources and assets along with improving workplace safety. Above all, this technology improves customer service and retention. To further know about these features, one can visit IoT Training in Delhi. Given below are some of the features of this technology.

  • Connectivity- It means establishing a proper connection between all the components of an IoT platform.
  • Analyzing- This technology is capable of analyzing the collected data in real-time and using it to build effective business intelligence.
  • Integrating- It integrates with multiple models for improving the overall user experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence- IoT comes with AI that makes things smart and enhances their life through the use of data.
  • Sensing- It is capable of detecting and measuring any change in the environment and reporting on its status.
  • Active Engagement- This technology facilitates an active engagement between each component used in it.
  • Endpoint Management- It focuses on endpoint management and reduces the chances of failure of the system.

How Does IoT Work?

The IoT system consists of four components which are sensors or devices, connectivity, data processing, and a user interface. In addition, these devices or sensors communicate with the cloud through connectivity. After communicating, they process the data on the cloud and then take an action. Each component plays a significant role in the workings of IoT. Given below is the role of each component in this technology.

  • Sensors- These sensors or devices carry the first step in the working of this technology. In addition, they are responsible for collecting data from their runtime environment.
  • Connectivity- Connectivity refers to the process of connecting the devices to the cloud through various methods such as cellular, satellite, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Data Processing- Data Processing is conducted once the data gets to the cloud. In addition, this process can be as simple as reading temperature or as complex as identifying objects in a video.
  • User Interface- After processing the data, IoT makes information useful for the end-user by alerting them through various methods like email, text, and notification. Etc.

Career Opportunities in IoT

IoT is surely one of the most trending technologies in the world. It is useful in multiple sectors such as smart homes, smart cities, self-driven cars, retail shops, farming, wearables, smart grids, industrial internet, and many more. In addition, it provides a highly promising career for individuals with innovative thinking and creative abilities. However, making a career in it requires some skill sets such as programming languages, excellent communication, analytical thinking abilities, and wireless stacks knowledge. Many institutions provide IoT Training in Gurgaon and one can enroll in them to learn these skill sets and start a career in this technology. Given below are some of the career opportunities you can access after learning this technology.

  • Data Analytics
  • Network and the networking structure
  • Security Sectors
  • Hardware and Devices
  • User Interface Creation
  • Sensors and Actuator Professional
  • Embedded Programs Engineer
  • Safety engineering


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