Why Canned Foods are in Big Demand?

When it comes to canned foods, it is gaining great momentum in the world and in India. The existence of tin food cans is incepted from the USA because of the lifestyle people follow. The best thing about food cans is that once you open them, you get the fresh product feeling. Let’s consider the example of a cola can. When you drink a soda or cola from a PET bottle, the fizz and freshness are a little bit low in comparison to the tin can and glass bottle. It is because of the fact that PET bottle is made up of plastic and absorbs the heat directly from the environment. But in the case of the tin can, it doesn’t get warm up easily because it is made up of aluminum. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of a tin can that differentiate it from other materials.

Recycling Properties

There is a serious requirement for recycling in our world. Earth is suffering because of manmade disasters and since we are responsible for the deterioration of our world, only we have to work on it. There has been a great usage of single-use plastic and PET bottles that are not recyclable. The worst thing about plastic is that it doesn’t get decompose even after hundreds of years. It means if you bury a plastic bottle in sand it won’t decompose even after 100 years. Materials like wood and paper get convert into fossil fuels that can be utilized for future generations.


The best thing about a tin can is that it is strong yet easily moldable. If you put a good amount of weight on a stack of tin cans, it can be pressed easily which makes it a good recyclable product. In the case of the plastic or PET bottle, you have to melt it to convert it into another form. Imagine recycling tons of plastic. To melt tons of plastic every day, you have to burn hundreds of liters of fuel which increases the carbon footprint on the earth. But, in the case of a tin can, you just require a hard press machine that molds tons of aluminum into the transportable form.

Easy to Print

Even a layman can easily differentiate between the printable property of a tin can and a plastic bottle. To print something on a plastic bottle, you require another layer of plastic. Ever seen a plastic soda bottle? It has a separate layer of print labels that are made up of plastic. In the case of a tin can, it has a great printable property that differentiates it from other materials.

Advantage over the Glass Material

It becomes really easy to identify the breakable properties of canned foods and foods stored in glass. By mistake, if a glass bottle is drop from a certain height, it can easily break into small pieces and further, it becomes a mess to clean the small pieces of glass. But in the case of a tin can, if it is dropped, it gets a slight dent, but the food remains safe.


Tin food cans are easy to open and that’s why they are widely used. It doesn’t matter how many safety standards a plastic bottle pass. It will be an unsafe option to use in comparison to glass and tin can. A good quality tin can pass all the food safety standards that make it a healthy option.


When it comes to tin cans, it is gaining a good reputation in the Indian subcontinent. It is a fact that canned foods are a little bit expensive. But spending an extra amount on the environmentally safe and healthy option is a good choice.

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