Why have ophthalmic product demands been increasing lately? Best eye drops manufacturers in India

Not to mention, India is a diverse country that provides an excellent scope for every type of industrial sector. Over the last few decades, there has been an increasing demand for pharmaceutical companies. That is none other than ophthalmic products. The demand for Ophthalmic products is increasing day by day as we are constantly occupied with our gadgets. In this rush era, any job without the aid of gadgets seems somewhat unusual. We live our lives constantly exposing our eyes to television screens and whatnot. This has increased eye infections at a severe rate. Every person Within five different people suffers from severe eye irritation, redness, swelling, dryness, soreness, allergies, and whatnot, which has resulted in increasing demand for Ophthalmic products in India(eye drops). 

According to different stats and data, the current size of India’s ophthalmic market is around US$ 1.3 billion. Which compound annual growth rate is around 6.8 percent. On the other side, the global growth rate of ophthalmic products is 4.06 percent. As of now, there are over 1,000 companies in India that offer ophthalmic products. 

In a survey, it was found that India has about 50 percent of the world’s blind people. The most generic cause of blindness is none other than cataract formation. The report also sheds light on the increasing numbers of glaucoma and retinal diseases.  It is another reason behind the increasing number of eye drops manufacturers in India. The increasing requirements for better effective ophthalmic products have been increasing unprecedentedly. 

The best eye drops manufacturers in India

One of the best eye drops in India is produced by torque Pharma Pvt Ltd. With the vision to treat eye problems, and it has had a significant impact on the Pharmaceutical market by providing quality ophthalmic products. They are an ISO-certified eye drops manufacturer in India that has been able to achieve numerous awards for their top-quality ophthalmic products. 

Few common uses of Eye drops

Eye drops in india mostly have a saline base ingredient. It keeps your eyes wet and keeps the infection from getting in your eyes. However, most of eye drops manufacturers in India are manufactured to cure various eye-related problems. Here are a few uses of eye drops. 

Cataract surgery

After the operation, the physician uses eye drops to keep the infection out and to help the healing process. 

Eye Allergies

Eye drops help treat eye irritation in the eyes, tearing, redness, watery discharge, burning, and stinging sensation. 


It is a severe issue that arises in the eyes due to increased fluid pressure within the eye. It can damage your optic nerves and cause vision loss if you don’t treat it immediately. In the beginning phase, one can treat glaucoma with particular eye drops prescribed by the physician. 

Dry eyes

Our eyes start to make fewer lower, quality tears as we get older. You might have more tears coming out of your eyes, but it is not enough to keep the eyes wet for a long time. Hence, using the right eye drops can help you with this problem. 


As you can see, the number of eye-related issues is increasing tremendously, which has resulted in increasing demands for ophthalmic products. Ophthalmic product ranges are vast, and each is produced only to treat specific problems. When it comes to disease, one should always ask for a physician’s approval before using eye drops.

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