Why Perfumes Are Essential For Mens Grooming Routine?

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Men these days are quite into grooming. They not only wish to dress up smartly but smell good too. Moisturizing their skin, getting monthly facials and haircare, and getting a nice perfume are normal. They want to feel good and look good. Gone are the days when men considered themselves to be rough and rugged. Now, they want to stand out for being the most good-looking man. And a nice aroma is an essential part of it. You cannot get their eyes on you while smelling bad. Yes, deodorants have been around but most of them have a weird scent.

Over decades marketing trends have impacted this too. Men’s deodorants mostly come with an extraordinarily strong and pungent smell. It is said that the pungent it is, the manly it will seem. However, it is not true at all. Girls do not like pungent and strong-smelling men as is shown in advertisements. They will not come after you, roaming in the city wherever you go. In reality, they will sit somewhere far from you if you wear these deodorants.

Why Do You Need Perfume In Your Grooming?

As compared to women, men often have a pungent body smell. This is due to the pheromones and hormonal changes in the body. With a diet of non-vegetarian food, alcohol, and cruciferous vegetables, the smell can become stronger. It can be quite unbearable for many, especially after a session of sporting activity or gym.

With a deodorant, you cannot expect to smell nice. Perfumes for men can do this for you with ease. Masculine perfumes are designed according to the needs of the modern man. They have deep and rich notes to cover the smell of sweat easily. Fragrances are quite vivid and aromatic, so you need an exceedingly small quantity. With higher essence concentration, you can enjoy a lasting aroma.

Apart from these reasons, perfumes have a huge variety. You can choose them according to the time of the day, season, mood, and moment. Any deodorant range cannot offer this. And the feeling of luxury which is associated with perfumes makes it a lavish experience to have one.

Which Is Better For Men – Deodorants Or Perfumes?

All fragranced products are designed to make you smell nice. But often we prefer one over the other. If you are also in the dilemma of choosing the best one, think about what you need. Deodorant and perfumes, both are aromatic, but each has a different quality. Body sprays or deodorants are short-lived, but they help with sweat smell.

Some of them have antiperspirant properties that reduce the sweating making you feel fresh. On the other hand, perfumes do not have any effect on your perspiration. However, they make you smell nice for hours.

While each has its specific task, you cannot get the best of both worlds with only one. Try to include deodorant and perfume both in your grooming routine. During the summer months, when your perspiration rates are high, this combination helps. Antiperspirant deodorant will reduce your sweating, keeping your skin cool. And the perfume will help in wrapping you up in a soothing aroma.

Start by spraying deodorant first thing after taking bath and moisturizing. Follow it with perfume, spraying on your pulse points. Men often sweat a lot as compared to women. And during the summer months, it can be quite bad leading to sweat patches. If you want everyone to focus on you rather than sweat patches, follow this routine. You can do it with boys perfume too, having brands like New NB. Their range of body sprays and perfumes makes it rather easy to do so.

Get summer notes in perfumes and body sprays. Use notes that complement each other. Get highly aromatic and long-lasting scents. You will be amazed to see others asking for tips from you to smell nice.

Best Perfumes For Men That Last Long In Summer:

You can get the best perfume experience only with good brands. Many perfume brands offer amazing men’s perfume range for summer. One of them is New NB. This brand has New NB Sport, Cool, Bleu, and White having a refreshing summer scent. Even the Unbranded range by the brand has great citrusy herby perfumes.

Indulge into made in India luxury perfumes this summer with Perfumer’s Club. With #IntoTheWild, #AquaCool and #Gentleman, you can get the lasting aroma. With Chris Adams, you can enjoy a truly refreshing fragrance experience. Try Dreamz Blue, Dolby Man, and Dolby Sport and Active Man. Lomani fragrance brand has options like Do It, Chicissime, Cigar Blue, and L’aventurier.

The key is to get a nice citrusy, herby, and aquatic perfume for summer. EDT and EDP are your best options. They have higher essence and a longer-lasting aroma. you can use these summer perfumes for men all day to smell unique. Layer it with a nice antiperspirant spray and you will never smell bad even when the mercury shoots up.


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