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6 Different Types of Acne, Symptoms & Causes.

Is acne bothering you? Take a step towards clear skin by recognizing different types of acne, its symptoms, and its causes.

Acne develops when oil and dead skin cells block hair follicles and pores. People think acne develops only on the face. But the fact is, acne can develop anywhere on the body. 

Acne is a broader term to describe different types of bumps.

Different types of Acne and their Symptoms:

Before digging into different types of acne, let us first categorize acne into three different categories: 

  • Mild acne is easy to control and does not leave permanent scars. 
  • Moderate acne is more prominent and can leave scars and dark spots.
  • Severe acne is a nightmare. It is not easy to treat and often leaves scars after healing. 

Let us discuss the different types of acne and its symptoms.

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This type of acne develops under the skin’s surface. They are closed by oil and dead skin. 

Whiteheads are small and round. A thin layer of skin covers this acne, due to which they appear white or yellowish.

Different factors like using cosmetics and moisturizers, oily skin, puberty, and hormones contribute to whiteheads.


Blackheads are open bumps filled with dead skin and oil. They are similar to whiteheads, but they appear dark or black. The dark spots are not the dirt particles deposited in the bump. But an uneven light reflection off the choked follicle.

Unlike whiteheads, they do not have a skin layer and rise to the skin’s surface.

Oily skin, hormones, skin-care products, and an irritated hair follicle causes blackhead. 


A pore of a hair follicle chocked with bacteria forms a papule. Dead skin and oil also play a part in inflammatory papules. Swollen red or pink bumps are papules.

Bacteria trigger the immune system to produce white blood cells to fight infections. This provocative response gives rise to a cluster of a red, inflamed pimples.  


Pustules are pimples with pus. The pus contains oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. The inflammatory response of the body causes the pimple to fill with pus.

Pustules resemble whiteheads encircled by red rings. These red clusters of bumps are larger and touch-sensitive. 

Nodules (Nodular Acne):

Nodules are solid and hard bumps under the skin’s surface. It contains bacteria and develops with the breaking of the protection of pores. The bacteria and oil advance deeper into the skin, damaging other pores.

Nodules are large, painful, and can leave permanent scars. It is a severe form of acne.

Cyst (Cystic Acne):

A cyst is a pimple filled with pus. Cyst also develops under the skin. The severe inflammatory response in pores activates boil-like and fluid-filled nodules to form a cyst. Menstruating women commonly face cysts. 

The worst form of acne and can also leave permanent scars. 

Causes of Acne:

Following are the causes of acne and what makes them worse:

  • Varying hormones level during menstruation.
  • Picking at acne inflammation
  • Air pollution. Other weather conditions like humidity.
  • Cosmetic products with excessive oil. Or working in an environment where coming in contact with grease is your routine. 
  •  Stress increases the hormone cortisol.
  • Genetics.
  • Medication.
  • Clothing.

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