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7 Affordable Philippines Holiday Packages for Thrifty Travelers

Are you an adventurous traveler eager to explore the stunning Philippines without blowing your budget? Look no further! In this article, we’ve handpicked 7 fantastic holiday packages for thrifty travelers, ensuring that your dream getaway to the Philippines is not only affordable but brimming with unforgettable experiences.

Below are the List of Philippines holiday destination:

1. Palawan Paradise: Explore on a Budget

Affordable adventure to Palawan, where lush landscapes and pristine beaches await thrifty travelers. Explore this tropical paradise without denting your wallet, and make the most of your budget-friendly getaway.

Highlight Things to do in Palawan:

  • Imagine strolling on pristine beaches and marveling at limestone cliffs.
  • Snorkel in El Nido’s crystal-clear waters and visit the enchanting underground river in Puerto Princesa.
  • Palawan offers budget-friendly accommodations and delectable local cuisine.

 2. Breathtaking Bohol: Discover More for Less

Captivating wonders of Bohol without draining your wallet. the famous Chocolate Hills, encounter adorable tarsiers, and unwind on the pristine white-sand beaches of Panglao—all while keeping your travel expenses in check for an unforgettable, budget-friendly adventure.

Highlight Things to do in Bohol:

  • Roam through the enchanting Chocolate Hills and meet the captivating tarsiers.
  • Enjoy serene river cruises and relax on the beautiful white-sand beaches of Panglao.
  • Find economical guesthouses and hostels for a wallet-friendly stay.

3. Cebu on a Budget: Explore Wisely

Historical landmarks in Cebu City, take a dive into the crystal-clear waters of Moalboal, and swim alongside majestic whale sharks in Oslob. Cebu offers budget-conscious travelers a mix of rich experiences and affordability for a truly rewarding journey.

Highlight Things to do in Cebu:

  • Visit Cebu City’s historical landmarks and nearby attractions.
  • Dive into the clear waters of Moalboal and swim with whale sharks in Oslob.
  • Cebu provides budget-friendly accommodations and a variety of street food delights.

Cebu Philippines


4. Exotic Siargao: Surfer’s Paradise on a Budget

Surfer’s paradise of Siargao on a budget. Ride the waves, explore the enchanting Sugba Lagoon, and take in the mesmerizing Magpupungko Rock Pools. With affordable hostels and budget-friendly bungalows, Siargao offers thrilling adventures and wallet-friendly stays for the budget-conscious traveler.

Highlight Things to do in Siargao:

  • Immerse yourself in the surfer’s paradise of Siargao Island.
  • Explore the captivating Sugba Lagoon and the mesmerizing Magpupungko Rock Pools.
  • Enjoy your stay in hostels and budget-friendly bungalows.


5. Thrifty Trek in Banaue: Discover a UNESCO Gem

Economical trek in the heart of Banaue’s UNESCO-listed Rice Terraces. Explore this cultural gem, hike through lush terraced landscapes, and immerse yourself in the traditions of the Ifugao people. Affordable local inns and guesthouses ensure a budget-friendly yet enriching experience for thrifty travelers.

Highlight Things to do in Siargao:

  • Hike through the renowned Banaue Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Economical local inns and guesthouses await you.

6.Quaint Coron: Affordable Aquatic Adventures

Charming island of Coron on a budget and dive into its clear waters to discover sunken WWII wrecks. Relax in the rejuvenating Maquinit Hot Springs. Affordable accommodations and reasonably priced tours in Coron ensure an economical yet aquatic adventure for thrifty travelers.

Highlight Things to do in Siargao:

  • Snorkel in the clear waters of Coron and explore sunken WWII wrecks.
  • Relax in the rejuvenating Maquinit Hot Springs.
  • You’ll find budget accommodations and reasonably priced tours in Coron.

7.Exploring Manila on a Shoestring: Discover the Capital

Historical landmarks in Intramuros, stroll through Rizal Park, and savor street food delights. Affordable hostels and guesthouses make exploring the capital an economical yet culturally rich experience for budget-conscious travelers.

  • Visit Manila’s historic sites, including Intramuros and Rizal Park.
  • Savor street food and savor local cuisine at budget-friendly eateries.
  • Affordable hostels and guesthouses abound in the capital city.


For travelers in search of budget-friendly adventures in the Philippines, these 7 Philippines Holiday Packages offer a variety of experiences. From the stunning Palawan to the adventure-packed Siargao and the cultural treasures of Banaue, there’s something for every thrifty explorer.

Don’t wait – seize the opportunity to embark on your affordable Philippines adventure and create unforgettable memories. Contact the trusted Filipino travel agent that you could book with the holiday.

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