Decoding Reliable Steps to Reset QuickBooks Password

Various businesses use QuickBooks for performing their business functions. QuickBooks users need to change their passwords from time to time to ensure better security on the application. Sometimes, users also forget their passwords and need to reset QuickBooks password to access their company files. If you want to know how to reset QuickBooks password, keep on reading this article till the end. We are going to provide you with a guide on resetting QuickBooks password effectively.

If you are unable to reset your QuickBooks password, you can reach out to us for assistance with the issue by dialing +1 800-579-9430.

Recovering QuickBooks Desktop Password Manually

If you want to recover QuickBooks password manually, follow the steps provided below –

  1. Select the password you want to reset, whether it’s an admin password or a user password.
  2. You can reset the admin password if you use it only for the sign-in process or if you have set your username as admin.
  3. If you want to recover the user password, you can contact the admin directly and reset your password.

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How to Reset QuickBooks Login Password

  • Resetting password when you remember your current password

If you remember your current QuickBooks password, follow these steps to reset your password –

  1. Log in to QuickBooks as an admin user and go to the Company
  2. Select the Set Up Users and Passwords option and click on Set Up Users.
  3. Enter your password if required and select the user that wants to reset the password from the user list.
  4. Click on Edit User and enter the new password twice to confirm.
  5. Click on Finish and end the password reset process.
  6. Now, log in using the new password and see if it’s successfully changed.
  • Resetting password when you don’t remember your current password

If you don’t remember your current password, you need to follow the steps provided below to perform a password reset –

  1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Company Login
  2. Click on I forgot my password and choose an email to get notifications on.
  3. Press Next and enter the received token number to authenticate your ID.
  4. Once done, follow the instructions given on the screen and create a new password.

Using Automated Password Recovery Tool for QuickBooks

You can easily reset your QuickBooks password using the automated password recovery tool. To run the tool, go through these steps –

  1. Open the Automated password recovery tool on Intuit’s official website and select your QuickBooks version.
  2. Enter your license number, and other required details and press Submit.
  3. Accept the license agreement after you get an email notification and start downloading the tool.
  4. Run the tool and fill in the token number sent on your e-mail ID.
  5. Select your QuickBooks version from the QuickBooks Desktop Products menu and browse for your company file.
  6. Enter the admin name and set up a new password by typing the password twice.
  7. Press the Reset Password button and save the changes to end the password reset process.


You can easily Reset QuickBooks password by following the guidelines provided above. If you still have trouble resetting your password, you can reach out to us at +1 800-579-9430 to get assistance from our team of experts.

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