Digital Marketing and A Little Bit of Luck!

The New Year certainly started with high hopes of a fading pandemic. Now, with the world opening up, online commerce has enhanced business manifold. The war concerns Europe alone but digital marketing affects the whole world. Why not take it up with a bang, new ad campaigns or refurbished ones?

Treat privacy concerns very seriously with about 80% Americans worried for their personal data and where it reaches. Make clients feel very special with personalized approaches to attract their attention. Though it is an automated technology-based world, don’t we want things to work our way?

Start with A Checklist

If most answers are positive, it is a good beginning already.

  • Have you researched the competition?
  • Do you launch Facebook ads regularly?
  • Are the blogs lengthy enough?
  • Are smartphones number one in the sales campaign?
  • Ample visual content with images and videos?
  • Remarketing and micro-influencers?

Cater to Short Attention Spans

Short and sweet live messages work best via video like on television. The visual and the video have attracted attention for long already. Most people inhabit social media for multiple purposes and very brief videos tell many cute tales out there. Traditionally the younger set, but older citizens are joining up too. It is not only YouTube shorts but TikTok and Instagram Reels that have diverse following. Which platform on which days and when would your product or service ads work best?

Saying Goodbye to 3rd Party Data

Though many things appear the same from year to year, changes appear. Collecting 3rd party data is ending in a big way with excessive cybercrime and worry about user safety. Those cookies are vanishing like what Firefox and Safari decided. Google Chrome follows suit in 2023. Don’t forget that Chrome holds 70% of the market! It only means that the first party data assumes mighty importance. Step up the relationship with the first party and seek their data through surveys and feedback. Know them and understand then better.

Go The Machine Learning Way

Analysis of the big data that surrounds everywhere is the challenge. Manually working on that vast information will be impossible. AI tools do it fast and correctly without creating a mess. Programming is the key. The chief advantage is consumer understanding regarding likes and taboos. Conversions and revenues are what businesses pray for and they are coming. Google has the Maximize Conversions strategy that uses machine learning and rules out guesswork. Work with keywords, get rid of spreadsheets and use machine learning for paid media.

Plan The Different Stages

While purchasing, buyers go through the awareness, reflection and buying decision phases. Accordingly, design a variety of content. Firstly, the homepage delivers a summary of the content like electronics. A product category page goes deeper and illustrates special aspects. Finally, a product details page motivates the buying decision. Guide consumers well through the three stages.

Plan Agile Ad Campaigns

A constantly evolving technology means there can be no sitting back in order to remain relevant. Consumer likes change. Keep up with the trends. Market research and consumer study should be ongoing, perhaps the Digital Marketing tools working 24 hours. Which channels do the different age groups follow and their favorite things? Catch up with them accurately.

Willow Ava

I am digital marketing influencer in Australia and editor of optbetter.com.au. Having the sound of experience in content marketing and creating in various niche such as products, services, fashion, travel, how to, trendy stuff, interior designing, and much more across the world.

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