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Dubai Miracle Garden: A Virtual Tour Of The Famous Flower Kingdom

The dreamland of Dubai is all about witnessing luxury and many stunning places the city houses. Moreover, Dubai is a favorite and luxurious tourist destination for many visitors. You will see a fantastic giant flower garden named Dubai miracle garden in Dubai. This garden is one of the stunning tourist places in Dubai, where you will get a heavenly feeling. Due to this garden’s features and attractive installations, it was named Dubai Miracle garden. The atmosphere and the floral views of the Dubai miracle garden spread over 780,000 sq. ft.

Moreover, the vast area of this garden is covered with 150 million flowers and plants and 45 million flowers on display. In the district of Dubailand, this garden will provide many lovely views with its stunning installations. So, make sure to include this beautiful place on your vacation packages in Dubai.

So let’s check the incredible structures or highlights of the Dubai miracle garden and its detailed information, including the Dubai miracle ticket price below.

Highlights of Dubai Miracle Garden

The floral structure of the Dubai miracle garden will provide splendid views to its visitors. The attractive installations of this garden are the highlights, which create a stunning atmosphere. So let’s scroll down and learn about some iconic structures of this beautiful garden.

Floral Emirates A380

Floral Emirates A380

This beautiful garden’s most fascinating and fantastic thing is the floral life-size Emirates A380 airbus. This stunning structure also received a place in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2016 for the largest floral installation. This overall structure is covered with around 500,000 flowers and living plants. It took 10 hours a day for 180 days to complete this imagination into a design.

Beautiful floral Burj Khalifa 

Another gorgeous and attractive installation of the Dubai miracle garden is the floral Burj Khalifa. In 2014 the floral version of Burj Khalifa was built in this garden. The stunning view of this installation will give a fantastic experience to every tourist. Besides this, the minor modifications of this great installation tower are noticeable. The whole base of this stunning structure is the Petunia and Marigold flower.

Umbrella Roof of the Garden

Umbrella Roof of Dubai Miracle Garden

The most excellent edition of the Dubai miracle garden is the umbrella roof. With many different color umbrellas, this structure provides a stunning view to the visitors. This umbrella roof of this garden will provide shade to visitors on sunny days. This part of the garden was made public on 14th February 2013, and it became a part of this garden. Further, this stunning structure creates delightful visuals, and also the hanging flower buckets will give a fantastic experience to the visitors.

Hearts Shaped Passage

hearts passage dubai miracle garden

The heart-shaped floral passages of this garden will increase its beauty of this garden. However, the heart-shaped arches have different flowers and create a stunning view. Most people love visiting this structure to capture some romantic moment in their lives. Moreover, the aromatic smell of flowers will create an enchanting atmosphere, and also people love to walk through them with their loved ones. It is a perfect background for romantic photos.

Flower-covered Houses and Bungalows.

Except for these, this fairy tale land is full of some flower houses and bungalows. These houses and cottages look stunning and give an incredible experience. With millions of flowers, the roof, base, and walls of the homes are covered. The whole structure of these houses looks so beautiful. Besides this, every design of the houses and bungalows is unique, and it is a great place to capture beautiful pictures with your family.

Stunning Floral Train

Floral train in Dubai Miracle Garden

Another beautiful edition and stunning structure of the Dubai miracle garden is its gorgeous floral train. The train is fully covered with different flowers and looks so amazing. This special train and its flowery bogies look fantastic, and these increase the beauty of the Dubai miracle garden. Besides this, the engine and bogies of this train give it a natural look. Visitors enjoy this train’s stunning structure and love the colorful and flowery bogies.

Huge Floral Peacock

Floral Peacock in Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai miracle garden’s incredible and stunning structure is a giant floral peacock. The grand structure of this peacock encompasses varieties of flower species, and it looks like a 3D painting. The beautiful structure of this peacock is the symbol of pride and royalty in the Dubai miracle garden. Apart from this, these peacock structures of this garden create a breath-taking display and impress the visitors. The stunning views of the Dubai miracle garden at night will impress the visitors more.

Floating Lady

Floating Lady in Dubai Miracle Garden

The floating Lady is a stunning installation of this magical garden. This unique structure of the Dubai miracle garden is the greatest attraction. The floating lady dress is with pink and white petunias, and the design is floating in mid-air. The arms of this floating Lady are open to the sky, and it looks so stunning. Due to this structure of the floating Lady, people also called this garden the magical garden of Dubai.

The “Half Buried Cars”

Another magical installation of this unique garden is the half-buried cars. This structure blows the mind of each visitor. The best of this structure is you can see it from all angles because the cars align in a straight line. Also, these cars look dipped in the earth, and all cars drop at an 80-degree angle. Further, it is an impressive and brilliant concept of the Dubai miracle garden.

Sunflower Field

The Dubai miracle garden’s most stunning and magical view is the sunflower field. Further, on bright sunny days, the collection of 5 million sunflowers gives visitors a joyful and splendid moment. This sunflower field has 15 different sunflowers, which is the most beautiful thing in this magical garden. Moreover, this flowery field makes this garden more miraculous and striking with its views.

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Detailed Information About Dubai Miracle Garden (location, timing, entry fees)


Moreover, this beautiful place of Dubai is in the Dubailand district of Dubai, and the Dubai miracle garden location is very close to terminal 3. You can reach this place by taxi and other transport easily.


Dubai miracle garden timings for visiting are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 9:00 am to 11:00 pm from Friday and Saturday.

Entry fees

Dubai miracle garden entry fees for adults are 45 AED and 35 AED for children under 12. Children under two years will not have any entry fees.


Words cannot explain the beauty of the Dubai miracle garden. Visit this stunning place to feel and see its countless views and attractions.

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