How Many Different Types of Essays Are There?


You need to be able to write a variety of essays if you want to do well in school. In most cases, your instructor will not specify the sort of essay you are expected to write; thus, you must be able to deduce this information from the prompt given to you. Not that you’re in the clear yet, but at least you’ll have a better idea of organizing your essay and what information to include once you’ve determined the best paper to respond to the issue.

We feel that this is simplifying things a bit too much. Because we believe there are already too many ways to categorize essays, we’ll limit ourselves to only ten basic categories. You are allowed to disagree with me if you so want.

Descriptive Essays

This essay requires vivid language to create an image for the reader. Some information may be included, but the emphasis will be on the sensory details, such as how something tastes, smells, or sounds. Your goal in writing should be to transport the reader to the world you’ve described so vividly that they feel as though they were there.

Definition Essays

In other words, a definition explains what a term means. A report may only be a few words long, but a definition essay delves far deeper into the topic than any brief explanation could. They are often reserved for discussions of more abstract or philosophical concepts.

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Compare and Contrast Essays

It will need you to draw parallels between two seemingly similar but distinct items. It will help if you put a lot of effort into planning this essay. Which features are shared by both? In what ways do they dissimilar? You may proceed when you have decided upon the specifics you wish to include.

Cause and Effect Essays

Despite the apparent clarity of the term, it is essential to remember that various causes can interact to produce a single effect and that a single cause can have several effects. For instance, the United Kindom’s engagement in World War One was due to a confluence of events (multiple reasons, a single product). On the other hand, the United States experienced several negative consequences due to its participation in the war (single cause, multiple effects).

Narrative Essays

These pieces are some of the best you’ll ever read if you enjoy creative writing. In a narrative essay, you tell a story. Don’t forget that there was an introduction and that subsequent events culminated in a conclusion. Make sure you have a solid strategy!

Process Essays

Explaining a process or procedure in detail is the focus of this style of essay. Avoiding a chaotic workflow requires carefully ordering your steps. Keep the reader informed by writing your article in chronological sequence.

Argumentative Essays

Do you have strong opinions? Good! The purpose of an argumentative essay is to provide your standpoint and the arguments in support of it. Even better, consider some potential rebuttals and explain why you think they fail. To convince your reader to agree with you, providing as much evidence as possible to back up your claims is essential.

Critical Essays

You will be doing a critical evaluation, but you need not disparage whatever you are writing about until you find a good cause. You will explain why you think a specific action was successful or unsuccessful. Seem to think highly of it; please present your high opinion. Do any flaws grate on your nerves? For what reason did they cause you so much trouble? The strength of an argument relies on the strength of its underlying evidence.

Expository Essay

An effective thesis statement for this essay is “Get all the facts, and then interpret them!” It would be beneficial if you came to a conclusion; this conclusion must be supported by your study and experience. Students at the university level are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject at hand by extensive study and the citation of relevant authorities. Finally, you will offer your perspective, explaining how many sources have led you to that conclusion.

Persuasive Essays

These are argumentative essays in specific ways, but they differ significantly. While an argumentative essay will use hard evidence to persuade, a persuasive essay will use more subtle methods, such as appealing to readers’ sense of ethics or compassion. Think of it as the difference between convincing someone to agree with you and convincing them. The commonalities outweigh the differences.

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