How to choose the best Indian restaurant

If you are looking for a particular cuisine to saviour, pick a restaurant according to it. Study its menu, does it titillate your taste buds? all of this is very much on point. This is the case whether you are looking for an Indian restaurant or any other type of cuisine too. It is best to really dig deep and assess the menu. Also, look at what they have on offer and if you feel you will be comfortable eating their dishes too.

When eating at an Indian restaurant in Britain, if you want to create an authentic Indian meal it makes sense to go as a group and order a combination of dishes. Here you will be able to discover some new offerings and maybe end up eating some sides you may not have ever ordered yourself. Sometimes, it is great to really go out there and surprise yourself and taste something new and unique.

The current outlook we see in the UK

While the corpus of Indian cuisine is incredibly vast, the menus at Indian restaurants primarily feature Mughlai cuisine, a category of north Indian food. Part of the problem is that some restaurant menus haven’t done the best job articulating the distinctions of a vindaloo from korma or tikka masala. “Lamb in savory sauce” and “chicken in aromatic gravy” isn’t exactly the most evocative description.

Going into detail on this

What follows is a beginner’s cheat sheet to the dishes you’ll most likely encounter at your neighbourhood Indian spot. True, there are ingredient commonalities: the spices used are typically a combination of turmeric, black pepper, chilies, cardamom, cloves, and the like. There is usually onion involved, sometimes tomato. If there’s a sauce, it’s likely thickened with yogurt or cream (or both). But then it veers off into delicious tangents.

Indian food typically consists of gravy dishes and dry dishes called sabzis. These dishes are often eaten with rice or bread. There are dozens of types of bread to choose from, but naan and parathas tend to be the most popular.

Share! it really is worth it

The best way to truly enjoy authentic Indian food is while sharing it with your near and dear ones. Gather some friends or family and head to the Indian restaurant together. With more people with varying tastes, you’ll have a wide variety of Indian food on your table. This gives you more options to test and try without resulting to the buffet. The spirit of Indian cuisine is about celebration and sharing. So make sure you cherish and enjoy your food as well as others’ too!

There is more to this type of food than just the Chicken dishes

There’s no doubt that Indian cuisine offers some of the best and absolutely mouth-watering chicken dishes, and if you really want chicken, there’s no harm! But contrary to popular belief, Indian food is not limited to simply chicken dishes dressed in different flavors. We know that when trying new restaurants, the most simplistic chicken dish will be on the menu. It in turn becomes the default selection for many who can’t decide on what to try. Between lamb, goat, seafood, and more, there is so much more to discover beyond just Indian chicken.


If you truly want to experience the spicy Indian flavours without looking like you are being tortured in the process, then you should always opt for rice with your dish at Indian restaurants. Even if you think you’re a spicy food connoisseur, if you haven’t experienced the heat that Indian food is capable of, you’re in for a treat! Rice balances out the spice in your dish and makes it easier to handle the spice of the dishes and gorge on the flavour delicacies.

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