How To Use Shell And banner To Guide Attendees At Company Conventions

The kind of stand you construct during a trade show or exhibition is a reflection directly on the brand’s position, and it communicates the confidence of your brand before your staff can be able to engage visitors and shift their perspectives perspex signs.

It’s also a great method to promote your business to potential customers and to build trust with your current customers. Based on our experience, we have discovered that a strategically placed and brand-named stand is able to draw people to your booth(perspex signs).

It’s not just about the amount you invest in the Foamex board, which will ensure the most traffic, but rather how you manage the process. It is likely that a variety of factors influence the way people visit your booth, but to make this article, we’ll help you understand the benefits of branding/using distinctive designs to spice up your display.

1. Custom Stand

A custom stand generally will allow you to be more creative in the design of your stand as well as style and shape. This kind of stand allows you to include elements that help draw the attention of your display. A well-designed and custom-designed stand will have an impact on generating the interest of customers and creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers going by.

2. Shell Scheme

Shell scheme, also known as system, is a form of structure that is made up of manufactured poles and panels that generally includes the stand’s walls, lighting and flooring. The type of stand could be customised to some extent(perspex signs).

shell scheme graphics designed with creativity, this basic structure can be adapted to various shapes and sizes curving bulkheads and panels can be a fantastic method to freshen up your stand’s shell scheme and break away from the typical setup of a 3-by-3 stand. The advantage of an asymmetrical stand is that it’s inexpensive; however branding is vital to give a little vitality to this type of stand.

What Are The Recompenses Of A Shell Scheme Stand

While it is a viable business model for companies such as ours, which depend on exhibitors to have access to the liberty of speech , an option that is space-only Shell schemes can be limited in comparison.

There are a lot of advantages to shell schemes. Shell scheme panels that you ought to consider utilising. Here we discuss some important benefits that could alter your mind about the basic shell scheme(perspex signs).

It even affects all the players. If everyone has a scheme stand, your competitors will not be able to climb higher, they can’t block the event, set up and get delegates on their booth with top-quality branding, and then spend your way to success as they have a larger marketing budget.

You can concentrate on the space you create instead of displaying an image. The attendees will be closer to you when they interact which means that all your ideas and creativity is confined to the area of the stand. Sometimes a single brilliant idea could win the day.

To Get The Most From Your Shell Scheme’s Exhibition Space Here Are Some Of The Best Suggestions

Start planning early and make a strategy for Foamex. A day to build or the day to dress up is a good idea. A little planning can go far because time is a quick disappearance particularly in the case of going travelling back and forth while waiting for more stocks that were not in the warehouse to arrive.

The chaos of clutter is overwhelming. Think about how you can store coats, spare stock and bags. Do not cut corners. Flaws and bad quality attract attention and distract attention from your company and its products.

To get the most from the opportunities available at shows, be clear about who is who you really are. What it is that you are, and why you’re there? Be bold, daring however, be professional and we’re confident that you’ll put on an impressive exhibition.


Panels with printed shell scheme

Shell scheme graphics panels are a well-known and simple to implement method to brand an exhibit stand in the shell scheme space. The panels made of shell scheme are economical and light, making them the ideal durable display to use over and over.

A majority of exhibition organisers offer the walling system for the exhibit stand. It is constructed using an aluminum post and panel. The space between the posts is where the shell scheme image is placed. They will give you guidelines for perspex signs, such as the way they will be attached to walls and how many panels comprise your stand.

We can supply you with graphic panels that are made to the exact specifications of your walling shell scheme that can be hung to the wall using hook fasteners or magnetic tape made of steel. After your event or exhibit the panels can easily be taken off. Shell scheme panels are an efficient solution for branding your exhibition since they do not occupy any area on the floor.

Pick between two graphics materials: PVC that rolls, which is able to be rolled to facilitate transport. Or, a 3.8mm corrugated card, which is a green and more affordable option for those seeking to purchase larger quantities.

If you’re using tables, or are planning to have the lower half of your wall covered, then you may want to make use of a half-sized graphic to cut the cost of printing a full panel. This option is possible on foam boards and could be a cost savings.

Sizes of panels for the Shell scheme

Shell scheme panel sizes differ according to the event – panels’ measure approximately 2340mm tall by 950mm in width, and the width can vary between 1000mm to 900mm. When you reserve your space you will receive an information document that will provide the exact specifications of the dimensions of the shell scheme you choose to use.

It will contain the size of the shell scheme overall as well as the number of panels. If you send us the specification document, we’ll happily determine the exact dimensions and the number of panels required.

Assembly is easy and fast to panels made of Card or PVC panels.

When you purchase your graphics, we’ll inquire about the cladding scheme for your shell system that you’ve booked. This information will be supplied to the organiser of the event. Based on the wall system that is being used for the event, we will suggest the best possible system of attachment.

Expo loop Fabric

If the event has an expo loop fabric we can install hooks at the bottom of your display , which can then be secured to your fabric wall. To take the graphics off, it is removed by pulling it gently.

Foam Board

If the event is using foam boards, we are able to provide the loop or hook fasteners, so that the graphic can be connected to the boards by using the adhesive tape that sticks to the wall. The graphic can then be removed and only leave the loop fasteners connected on the wall.

Magnetic tape can also be utilised for this purpose to connect to walls. It is dependent on the preferences of the event organiser. Storage is then easy with PVC panels that are able to be removed by rolling. Foam boards must be kept flat and never bent, rolled or bent, as this can cause damage.


We hope that we’ve helped steer people away from the myth that a white scheme is boring and dull. Contact us to learn more and let our group of skilled designers give you the right guidance to ensure that your booth is a memorable impression of your brand.



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