Signs That Your Industrial Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

When it comes to air conditioners, they have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Nowadays, most industries are installing industrial air conditioner so that they can create an ambient environment in their workplace. There are many industries such as oil and gas, steel and glass, etc. that requires industrial heavy duty air cooler because of the fact that these industries are involved in melting and casting the raw material that has a melting point of up to 1100-1200 degrees Celsius. Working in a temperature where such a high degree temperature is included, becomes impossible for human beings. There is not a single living being on this planet that can withstand this temperature range.

But, every machine requires servicing. Even if it is a table fan or a Industrial air cooler, every machine requires a time-to-time service else it will not work properly and will consume more electricity. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can check the red flags and signs that you should consider to service your industrial air conditioner.

Increased Electricity Bills

Being a business owner or a supervisor, you are the person who checks the running cost of your business. If there is a sudden increase in the electricity bills, you should consider checking your machinery. Industrial ACs are one of the most power-consuming machinery and if they do not work properly, they become a liability instead of an asset.


When a compressor doesn’t work properly, it produces a loud sound. Theefore,The industrial ACs require periodical servicing and inspection and if it is not done properly, your compressor will malfunction and it can cause mishaps or even a blast. Imagine the AC is getting high voltage electricity from behind and it can’t throw air properly outside, it will create pressure inside the compressor and there are chances that the compressor can blast itself. So, never ignore the noise coming out of your industrial AC.

Just Air No Cooling

The basic purpose of an industrial air conditioner is to cool down the high-temperature ambiance to make it livable. If your HVAC is providing only air instead of cooling, it can become hazardous as it can gradually increase the temperature of your industrial unit which can further aggravate a big fire. For example, if you try to extinguish the fire from a normal fan or blow, it further increases. The fire either requires an oxygen cut or a cold blow of the wind. The same is the case with HVAC. You will automatically notice the high temperature inside your furnace if your AC isn’t working properly.

Health Issues

Working above 1000 degrees Celsius is a Herculean task and you need a skilled and active workforce for that. Even if the temperature of your industrial unit exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, your workers will start feeling nauseated and they will fall sick. HVAC removes all the unnecessary pollutants from the inside of the premises and creates a breathable space.

Machine Malfunctioning

Every computer is equipped with a cooling fan which is also known as SMPS. The SMPS unit cools down the inside temperature of the CPU and you work without any hindrance. The same is the case with HVAC; it cools down the temperature of the blast furnace which further increases the efficiency of the machinery.


A good quality industrial air conditioner has become an integral part of our lifestyle. Industrial heavy duty air cooler has become a necessity for the industries that are working in high temperatures. Always ensure that you are servicing your ACs on time so that you can get the maximum output.

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