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Top Things You Must Care When Writing a Grievance Letter

Having complaints and grievances with other employees is natural in a company. Many co-workers report those complaints to the higher authorities. They report them in the form of a letter called a ‘grievance letter’. The problem is that many workers in a company do not know about writing a grievance letter. They just want to make the complaint without properly mentioning the problem and evidence. Keeping this in view, today’s article is going to discuss the top things you must take care of when writing a grievance letter. There will also be a sample letter at the end of the article with top things. Thus, keep reading it until the end.

What is a Grievance Letter?

A grievance is where an organisation employee has concerns, problems or complaints. These concerns can be about any situation arising at the workplace. They want to discuss this problem with their employer. To accomplish this, they write a letter called Grievance letter.

Things to Take Care Of

Now, there are a number of things that you must take care of when writing a grievance letter. A brief description of a few of them is as follows.

Be clear and concise

Clarity is something very important in every type of verbal or written communication. You must be clear in the point that you are going to make in front of your employer. Before putting up your grievance and complaint, think about it from every angle. You can also try to make some explanations about the problem to yourself. Those explanations strengthen your base and make you ready for any kind of questions from the employer. Also, write your problem comprehensively and do not stretch it. Thus, clarity and conciseness both are important in writing a grievance letter.

State exactly what you want

You have a problem with a guy in the company’s marketing department. No problem; you can report it. The point is only complain about things that you are facing. It does happen that sometimes when one employee complains, the others also ask him to include their points. This does not seem right, as you cannot defend their point. When writing a grievance letter, you must address your point and show your grievance on what you feel bad about a particular service or employee.

Do not get angry or seem threatening in letter

The person reading the letter is not responsible for your problems. All you need to do is to deliver your concern to him. You should not seem angry or threatening in your letter. It happens in many cases that employees threaten to resign. They say that they will resign if their problems do not get resolved. Remember, this should not be the attitude of your letter. You should be polite between your lines while delivering your concern. Therefore, courtesy should be at its best while writing a grievance letter.

Include documented evidence

A complaint without evidence is just a piece of paper, not a grievance. You should attach copies of documented evidence that you have. For instance, your grievance is about the leave policy of the company. Instead of allowing two leaves per month, the company does not let you take a leave for one day. This is your grievance about the company. Along with writing a grievance letter, you must also attach the company’s leave policy document.

Include information about yourself

As every letter starts with the writer’s information, a grievance letter also follows the same thing. The contact information and name of the person writing a grievance letter comes at the top of the letter. In some circumstances, the concern can be about salary or accounts related. In these cases, you also have to include all the information related to your account, i.e., account number, IBAN, etc. In case if you are facing any issue, you can get assignment writing help for your letter.

Sample Grievance Letter

After discussing the top things, it is time to write a sample letter for you. Below you can find a sample letter. You should follow the same format when writing a grievance letter.

ZKB Engineers & Associates,

20 Lawn Lane London



14 Feb 2022


Subject: Observing Unfair Treatment

Dear HR Manager,

I am writing this letter as I am facing the issue of getting treated in a very unfavourable way. I believe that I have been subjected to unfair treatment, which is beyond my expectations from the company. Further, I have felt that the cause of this unfavourable treatment is my disability. This discriminatory and unfair treatment has given me depression and anxiety. I believe that I also deserve to be treated as everyone else is looked after.

Due to depression and anxiety, I am unable to do my tasks effectively. This mistreatment has affected my social and personal life a lot. It has also affected my cognitive skills, and now I cannot think properly and do my job as well. I feel like I am no more a normal person.

I am very upset that I have been discriminated based on my disability. The production manager has always discriminated me against many times compared to Mr Afaq Abdullah.

Please take this letter as a letter of complaint from my end. I would like to know why the production manager has been treating me so badly. In addition, I also want the company to pay for the emotional and professional harm caused by this unfair treatment. I cannot work in this environment for any longer. If I stay, I think I will become a mental case.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and pay attention to this issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any clarification or have further questions about this situation.


Mackinley David

ZKB Engineers and Associates

Junior Engineer


Being mistreated and bullied is a common thing at the business workplace. Thus, writing a grievance letter is a must in such cases. If you consider all the points mentioned above, you will end up with a very fine letter.

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