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An inability to quench thirst on time can render a person feeling restless and weak. When staying thirsty for long durations becomes a pattern, a person can get prone to the condition of dehydration. It is definitely not a good thing to get acquainted with. There can be dire consequences of such careless acts. In order to stay healthy, drinking water is essential. Perhaps, you can buy some personalized water bottles in order to reach your goal of staying hydrated in adequate capacity. There are many reasons as to why one should keep drinking water as much as their body requires. Some of those reasons are stated below(customised bottle):

Body Temperature

Our body needs to maintain an optimal temperature. When we do an intense activity, our body loses water in the form of sweat. As soon as our body loses 2% of water, we start noticing early effects of dehydration. When our body temperature starts rising, the water stored in middle layers comes to the surface of the skin to cool it down. When there is not enough water in our body, our body starts storing more heat. As this level increases, our body starts tolerating heat strain less effectively. 

The next time you start feeling hotter, make sure to gulp down some water from your customised bottle. A bottle marked with the quantity of liquid will help you keep track of the water consumed per day. 

Body Function & Energy Level

Do you recall the feeling of not being able to think clearly and feeling light headed? Majority of times, the cause of it is dehydration. Water is supplied throughout our body through cells and blood. When there is a lack of water inside our body, our blood starts getting thicker and we start experiencing high blood pressure. The supply of water to various parts of the body gets affected too. You may start noticing a decline in your energy levels. A simple task of climbing a staircase will feel extremely exhausting. Our eyes start losing moisture and they start turning red and irritated. Basically, our body functions start deteriorating. 

Weight Loss 

For someone who wishes to lose some weight must start drinking as much water as they can. Whenever you feel a desire to drink sweetened drinks and juices, drink water instead. By loading your stomach with water before your meals, you can prevent eating excessively because the water consumed by you will create a sense of fullness in your stomach. 

Improves Mood

When we experience the effects of dehydration, we also start feeling an increase in fatigue, reduced motivation, irritability and less focus. In order to feel better, you must drink water as soon as you can. It will lift up your mood and you will start feeling a rise in energy levels along with an ability to concentrate better.

Healthy Skin 

A clear and bright skin is desired by most people. Nobody wants a skin which is dry and dull. Lack of water can cause your skin to lose its moisture and appear dry. With dryness comes itching and cracks in our skin. Over time, we start seeing wrinkles and find lines on our skin. We can make our skin soft and healthy by making sure to drink adequate quantities of water. It can be ensured by keeping a water bottle filled with clean drinking water close by. 


We often hear our elders telling us how most of our health issues are linked to our stomach (or digestive system). If we are not eating a balanced diet (rich in nutrients and water content) and not drinking enough water to allow the food to digest properly, then we are unknowingly welcoming diseases in our body. Not supplying our digestive system with water will lead to constipation and excessive acidity in stomach. Constipation can further lead to other painful ailments. Having an acidic stomach can result in conditions like Gastritis, heart burn, acid reflux, bloating and stomach ulcers. 

Boost in Physical Performance

During intense workouts and high intensity sports such as football, hockey and cricket, it is extremely important for the athletes to stay hydrated. With increased bodily functions, our body tends to lose water in the form of sweat. It can lower the performance and make a person feel exhausted. It can even lead to serious medical conditions like seizures, hyperthermia and in severe cases, death. With increased intake of water, a person can experience a boost in their overall performance.  

Prevents a Hangover 

A sickening hangover can prevented if you will remember to drink water between your each drink of alcohol. Also, consuming a large glass of water right before going to bed and after waking up can help a great deal. 

In order to keep a body healthy, drinking water should be a constant habit. You can purchase a water bottle online to keep your body as much healthy as you can. 

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