What Is the Process to Get a Study Visa in the UK?

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There are famous worldwide colleges and universities for their incredible learning/academic institutions to study in the UK. This is because by studying in British schools/colleges you get access to fabulous education and training to study in the UK. However, for pursuing your studies in the nation you must have a visa to study in the UK. So, with this in mind, today we are going to share with you the entire process to get a permit to study in the UK.

Apply to a British Learning Institution and Wait for LOA

Before applying for a visa, you must get a valid LOA from a British learning institution. Why? Because it is a key document and without it, you can’t apply for a visa. So, make sure you have a valid LOA before applying for a study permit in the nation. Following are some of the best British universities that you can join if you seek to study in the UK:

  • Imperial College London
  • King’s College London
  • Coventry University. To learn about Coventry University in detail feel free to contact our UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh.
  • Durham University
  • Hult International Business School

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Check if a Visa is Mandatory

Another thing that you have to do is check whether you need a visa to study at a British University or not. There are many countries whose residents can study in the UK without any study permit. Thus, you must check whether you are required to have a study permit for studying in the nation or not. So, make sure you check the website of the immigration authorities to see if you actually need a visa or not. This will help you in saving a large amount of time.

Things you must know:

  • If you came to the nation after 1 Jan 2021 then you might need a study permit.
  • Students who came to the nation before 31 Dec 2020 will have to apply for the settlement scheme.
  • If the applicant is a non-EU student, then he will have to apply for a short-term visa.

Identify Which Type of Study Permit You Will Need

The UK mainly offers 2 types of study permits namely:

  • Short-term study visa: This visa has a validity of only 6-11 months. It is mainly for students who seek to study a short-term academic program in the nation.
  • Tier 4 visa: All the applicants who wish to study in the nation for more than 1 year need to apply for this visa. The study permit does not carry an expiry. Instead, its validity depends on the length of the students learning program. For instance, if the length of your course is 2 years, then the validity of your visa will be 2 years.

Identify How You Can Apply for the Study Permit

Once you identify the visa for which you want to apply the next things that you have to do is apply for it.  You can apply for the study permit either online or offline. If you apply offline then you will have to send your documents via post to the immigration authorities. However, if you apply for it online then you can complete the entire procedure via the website of the UK government. But depending on your country/nationality you might have to submit your biometrics at a valid application center.

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Fulfill the requirements

If you seek to get visa approval for studying in a British academic institution then you must meet certain requirements. However, these requirements can vary depending on the place from which you come. Following are the requirements you must meet if you desire to complete an academic program in the nation:

  • Age: 16 years
  • English proficiency
  • Proof of funds
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Statement of Purpose, etc.

Apart from this, you will also need to submit various other documents if you seek to Apply Online to Study Abroad in the nation.

  • Application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Current photographs
  • Proof of funds.
  • SOP
  • Letter of recommendation
  • TB test results, etc.


Now you are aware of all the requirements that you must meet to get a study permit in the UK. Thus, now you are in a position to easily complete the visa procedure. However, if you still struggle to complete the visa process you can always take the help of an overseas consultant for completing the procedure.

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