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An Overview of Artificial Wall Plant – Complete Guide

A variety of green boxwood shrubs are available for decorative artificial wall plant panels. These shrubs provide year-round color to rooms. The plant itself is fire-resistant and does not require any soil. Artificial wall plant panels can add instant green to a room. However, many homeowners are wary of such plants because they are not safe from insects. In these cases, a better option is to invest in a real plant. This article will give you an overview of artificial wall plant.

Easi-Wall is an artificial wall plant

The Easi-Wall is a multi-award-winning, award-winning design of artificial living walls made of premium materials. The award-winning grass and plants use to create the Easi-Wall are multi-directional, and the panels are handcraft in Surrey, England. Unlike natural plants, Easi-Wall panels require no watering or maintenance and are available in three different design themes, including an original, a classic, and a modern.

artificial wall plant

The artificial plant wall is made from PE, PVC, or fabric and requires almost no maintenance. In addition, the artificial green wall is durable and reusable. With a natural plant, watering and pruning are require. Natural plants get wilt and die as a result of seasonal changes. There are no restrictions on the type of plants that can be use on an artificial green wall, and the manufacturer will customize the design to fit your space and budget.

These artificial green walls are a great choice for a variety of interior design needs. Design to mimic the look of living plants, they offer the added benefit of zero maintenance and cost. Even better, they are easy to install and maintain. You can also choose the exact style that matches your taste and design. The manufacturer, EdenVert, has extensive experience in the industry, and is committed to providing high-quality products and service to its customers. They offer customization design services, and support their customers with marketing campaigns.

It is fire retardant

Fire safety is an important consideration in any workplace, especially in commercial buildings. Not only are these plants more appealing to customers and staff, they also reduce the risk of a fire spreading. You should also consider any nearby flammable items, such as a fireplace, when choosing your decor. Fire retardant plants are highly effective in this respect. They won’t spread fire and won’t ignite. Fire safety regulations in your area may also require you to use such a product.

artificial wall plant

A fire-resistant artificial wall plant should pass a strict certification program. FR plants are the most suitable for such applications because they are manufacture from materials that are resistant to fire. FR plants are test in accordance with the BS EN13501-1:2018 standards, and remain flame-resistant throughout their lifespan. Fire-resistant plants have been classified as “inherently fire retardant” when they are manufacture with FR additives.

Fire safety regulations vary by state, so check your local codes to make sure your new plant is compliant. In California, flame-retardant plants are require by law, but artificial plant trunks are not require by fire marshals. In any case, check the specifications of your new plant before you purchase it. There are many places that require fire-retardant artificial trees and plants, so be sure to look carefully.

It is low cost

An artificial wall plant is an effective way to decorate indoor or outdoor living space. Made from formaldehyde-free synthetic materials, such as silk cloth or plastic, an artificial green wall lasts for about three to five years. It can be use in temperatures as low as -75degC and is easy to install. EdenVert is an establish manufacturer that provides high-quality products at a low price. EdenVert also offers marketing support and customization design services to help you achieve the perfect look.

You can choose between artificial and real green walls depending on your preference. Artificial green walls are much cheaper, less labor-intensive, and require no expertise in green thumb maintenance. However, if you do not have a green thumb, you can choose between artificial and natural wall plants. Artificial wall plants can be place anywhere and do not require regular pruning. The beauty of using artificial wall plants is that they can be use anywhere and will last for many years without needing to be replant every year.

artificial wall plant

An artificial green wall can be a decorative piece for your apartment or office lobby. It can also make an excellent feature for an office reception. It’s low maintenance and cost-effective, so it is a popular option among both residential and commercial buildings. Many people use artificial wall plants in their homes and businesses because of their low cost and low maintenance. Artificial wall plants are an excellent choice for homes, apartments, and commercial projects.

It looks natural

An artificial wall plant is a great way to decorate without occupying valuable floor space. An artificial wall plant looks just as natural as its live counterpart, and you can easily add one to your home or office without any hassle with the help of artificial grass accessories. It is popular with homeowners and business owners alike, and is a fantastic alternative to standing plants.

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