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Canadian Vacation: Best Cars to Rent For a Trip

Canada ranks second in the world area. There are many rivers, lakes, and forests. Another half of the territory is taken by modern and huge cities that breathe history. That is going to be a true pleasure to see all of that! Below you will find ideas of what vehicles match that Canadian trip. Get ready for the trip, rent a proper car, and go for the journey of your lifetime(cars)! 

Dodge Grand Caravan

When looking for a reliable rental minivan in Calgary, you will not be mistaken if you select that Dodge Caravan. Canadian legislation allows picking up such cars since you are 21 years old. That model has taken a few moderations since 2008. It was discontinued in 2020, although that happened due to Covid-19. It is still popular for pure functionality. The car has all that it takes for a comfortable drive. There is a Stow’n’Go system for seats. Thus, passengers can travel long distances with enough space. All you need to do is to fold the seats of the second and the third rows into the floor. In addition, many packed things can be placed there. 

Besides, a 3.6-liter V6 engine is the beating heart of the machine. It develops 283 horsepower. There are embedded safety bags to make the travel safe. The construction is robust and stable. Your trip will become easygoing and calm when you rent a minivan!

Toyota Sienna

That is another option you can find in a cheap minivan car rental in Calgary. It has enough space for up to eight fellow travelers. Even in that case, they will move without feeling tightness. For example, they can easily assist children in the second row. Yes, you can ask for additional supplements, such as baby chairs. One more proof to select Toyota is its granted prize for being the best Toyota with its highest rating in 2019. It is a safe and reliable car for long distances! Do not forget to check the sum you have to pay as a young driver. 

Hyundai Elantra 

To visit and see all the natural wonders in Alberta Province, hit the road from Calgary to Edmonton. That will last about three hours, but you will observe flora and fauna that have been preserved almost in their original form. If you have a few passengers and have some stuff, you may consider a smaller option in the car rental. Hyundai Elantra matches five people’s needs to spend time in comfort. Also, the baggage boot contains up to 484 liters.

The car is agile providing fuel economy. That parameter is essential when you plan to travel to distant destinations(cars). 

Chevrolet Spark

That is a representative of a good city car. Previously, that was Daewoo Matiz. It got some changes to the exterior and interior. Then it received the name Spark in 2005. The car is known as a five-door hatchback. It lasts for 3.5 meters in length. However, it wears an ordinary fuel engine. Make the luggage compartment according to your needs with the folded-down seats. At the same time, your friends will adore the amount of space inside. Another model, the Chevrolet Spark 2011, is also available. It can speed up to 100 mph. But avoid trying all that on the streets. Do not forget to take insurance before you take a rented car!

Mitsubishi Mirage 

The next representative is the economically efficient Mitsubishi Mirage. It requires about 4 liters per 100 km, operating with a front-wheel drive. Besides, you can adjust the interior to your needs, like setting up a steering wheel in height. It welcomes up to four of five passengers. Objectively, the size of the seats is small. However, you may find advantages of not having huge dimensions when looking for a parking site(cars). !

Take a look at your purposes and passengers when selecting the best car for you. We are sure you will find any vehicle you need if you start seeking it long ahead of your trip. Have a great time in Canada!

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