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Places to visit near Kasol

Kasol, a town with a small human settlement in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh is truly a place to fall in love with. Situated on the banks of the Parvati rivers in the most beautiful Parvati valley This gem is the base camp of many thrilling, adventurous yet stunning treks of the Himalayas. 

This mini Israel of India is a true stunner when it comes to the beauty extended by nature and can make anyone completely fond of this place. The place has fairly pleasant weather throughout the year and receives a good snowfall usually in the months of December to February. Located at an elevation of 1,580 metres, this town has a lot to offer be it the warmth and beauty of nature, thrill and adventures of trekking or the fun of other adventure sports.

The town itself is a spot of tourist attraction and has a lot of places around that are beautiful beyond imagination. 

The article further provides you with a list of some of these places and a few major details.

To begin with, first in the list is Kheerganga peak

With the captivating stretch of lush green meadows as far as you can see, this place is a true charmer located at an altitude of 2,960 ft, almost in the end of Parvati valley, 22.3 kilometres from Kasol. 

The panoramic view from the top, snow- capped peaks of Parvati Valley in the background, the gushing waterfalls accompanying you throughout the trek trail and the hot spring, all this will make your heart fonder. 

In addition to this the place has a temple of lord Shiva making it of great religious significance. 

It is a moderately difficult 7-8 hours trek and is most recommended during monsoon or post monsoon when all the waterfalls come to life and rains leave behind a blooming green valley.

Second in the list is the Tosh village.

Located at an altitude of 2,400 m, Tosh village is one offbeat destination of Kasol situated on one edge of The Parvati Valley.

21 kilometres from Kasol, this small village with an unmatched scenic beauty is located on the bank of river Tosh.

The trek to this village begins from Kheerganga base and is definitely one of the most panoramic trails of Himachal Pradesh.

The beauty of this place fourfolds during winters when the place is covered with white snow making it look like no less than paradise. The beautiful apple orchards are also one of the considerable gems of the village.

The peace and tranquillity of the place intacs one with lots of positivity. 

The next in the list is Malana.

Situated 2,652 metres above the sea, Malana is an ancient village in the tall standing mountains of the Himalayas. 22 kilometres from Kasol, this surreal village is located amidst the high trees, green alpines and the lush stretch of Parvati valley. Surrounded by peaks of the Himalayas – Deotibba and Cahndrakhani and the Kullu valley this village is a way far from the hustle- bustle of the reckless, glittery cities. The place is so quiet and peaceful that one visiting here truly forgets all the stress and the on goings of the world and enjoys spending time with oneself. 

The village is globally known for the uniqueness in its culture, lifestyle, dressing sense, festivals, and even food. The village is a charmer for the tourists all across the globe seeking peace. People visit here out of curiosity to get a closer sense of the vibrant culture and lifestyle. 

The village also has a great historic significance. The natives of this village claim that the village had been the home to the reverse sage Rishi Jamlu. The natives give all the credit for the beautiful culture and lifestyle to Rishi Jamlu. 

The place is an exquisite gem in the laps of Himalayas, hidden between the peaks.

The last but not the least in the list is Manikarna Sahib.

One of the most divine places located amidst the mesmerising beauty of the great Himalayas, Manikarna Sahib is a gurdwara located just 4.3 kilometres from Kasol. Apart from the astonishing beauty of its location the place has a huge religious significance for Hindus and Sikhs. There’s also a temple of lord Shiva just a few minutes away from the gurdwara. 

 A holy dip in the steaming spring has great importance for devotees.

There’re definitely a lot more places to explore near Kasol. So visit and find out which are the top most places for you!

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