Referral guide to rectify QuickBooks Error 6190

QuickBooks has set an example in the accounting software industry because of the reliable services it has conveyed to its users. The software handles complex financial tasks pretty quickly, which assists the users with scaling their business profitably. However, the chances of random errors emerging in the software are always high. QuickBooks Error 6190 is one such issue that interrupts the connection with the company file, and as a result, the file fails to open in the software. If you are stuck with a similar issue on your QuickBooks, this blog is certainly of concern as it provides the causes of this error and the usable methods to deal with it.

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About the error

This error is categorized in the 6XXX series, mainly associated with the company file. You might be unable to open your company file as another user has already logged into the file, and the file is currently accessed in a single-user mode. In this situation, QuickBooks cannot establish a connection with the company file and instantly develops this error whenever you try to open the data file. You need to fix this error in QuickBooks to access your company file again; otherwise, the error codes will keep appearing on the screen.


The causes of the occurrence of this company file error in QuickBooks are given below-

  • You are using an out-of-date QuickBooks version on your computer.
  • Incorrect hosting settings restrict other systems from accessing the file.
  • QuickBooks suffers from internal issues due to a partial or damaged installation on your PC.

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The easiest methods to fix this error in the software are provided below-

Solution 1- Update your QuickBooks to the latest version

You should always use the latest version of QuickBooks on your device, as an outdated version can trigger many other errors, including this. Follow these steps to run a QuickBooks update-

  1. Open QuickBooks on your PC and click on
  2. Select Update QuickBooks Desktopin the options.
  3. Under the Optionstab, select Mark All to update all the services and tap Save.
  4. In the Update Nowtab, select the checkbox for Reset Update.
  5. Finally, click Get Updates.
  6. After the update is finished, retry opening your company file.

If the software still faces issues while opening the company file, try the next method.

Solution 2- Configure the hosting settings in QuickBooks

Only the server computer should be allowed to host and run in multi-user mode. Workstations running in multi-user mode can also cause this error to develop in the software. Refer to the steps below to make sure your server computer is the only one hosting-

  1. Open QuickBooks on the server computer and click on
  2. Select Switch to multi-user mode.
  3. Approach all the other systems, click on File,and select Switch to Single user mode.

The issues will be fixed, and you can access your company file now.


This was an explanation for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6190 on your system. The blog includes its causes to occur and the methods that can be used to resolve it. We hope the methods were convenient and your QuickBooks is trouble-free now.

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