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To get rid of dark circles and lifeless skin, practice Makara Mudra daily, the glow on the face will increase.

In today’s time stress has become a part of people’s life. Your skin also has to bear the brunt of mental problems like stress and anxiety. Due to irregular eating habits, stressful lifestyle and not getting enough sleep, there is a problem of dark circles under your eyes. There can be many reasons for having dark circles on the face, which may include imbalance in diet, lifestyle and also exposure to sunlight and pollution. To get rid of this problem, people use all kinds of cosmetic products, which give immediate benefits, but this problem does not go away forever. You can take the help of yoga to get rid of problems like dark circles and dullness of the skin on the face. There are many such postures in yoga, whose regular practice helps to overcome these problems. One such yoga posture is called Makara Mudra. With the regular practice of Makara Mudra, you can get rid of the dark circles under the eyes (Makara Mudra For Dark Circles) and regain the lost glow of the face. Let us know in detail about Capricorn Mudra.

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What is Makara Mudra?

Makar Mudra is actually a type of yoga postures whose practice works to give you peace of mind. Practicing Makar Mudra not only gives mental peace and this mudra is also considered beneficial in improving the skin. The practice of Makar Mudra focuses the energy of your body and also helps in removing negative emotions. Sage Muni, who is proficient in yoga, has been practicing this mudra since ancient times. In yoga science, Makar Mudra is considered to be very beneficial and effective mudra.

Benefits of Makara Mudra

Practicing Makar Mudra regularly throughout the month gives you many benefits. Practicing Makar Mudra in the right way every day removes many of your skin problems and gets rid of the problem of dark circles formed under the eyes. The practice of Makar Mudra works to increase the glow of the skin and is also considered beneficial in mental problems. Makar Mudra must be practiced regularly for almost a month, only then it gets the right benefit. The major benefits of practicing Makara Mudra are as follows.

  • The problem of dark circles is removed by regular practice of Makara Mudra.
  • Its regular practice is beneficial in keeping the kidney healthy.
  • The practice of Makara Mudra is also considered beneficial in problems related to the nervous system and bladder.
  • Regular practice of Makar Mudra calms your mind and benefits in mental problems.
  • The practice of Makar Mudra is beneficial in mental problems like depression, stress and despair.
  • The practice of Makara Mudra is considered very beneficial to increase the concentration of the students.

How to practice Capricorn Mudra:

To practice Makar Mudra, you follow these steps –

  • Place your right palm diagonally over the left palm.
  • After this, remove the right thumb from between the little and ring fingers of the left palm and place it in the middle of the left palm.
  • Now making earth mudra with your left palm, join the thumb of the left hand and the front part of the ring finger.
  • Now place the left palm on the right side.
  • Make Prithvi Mudra by taking out the little finger of the right palm.

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